CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Terminated by the Network

As per the recent reports and the legal documents it has been made clear by the CNN Networks that their renowned anchor Chris Cuomo has been terminated officially by the Network because of his sexual misconduct and his major efforts to support his brother.

CNN Network confirmed this Saturday that anchor Chris Cuomo has been fired by the network on an effective and immediate basis. 

Chris Cuomo decided after an outside law firm was appointed to investigate how he helped his brother and other members into the matter and the violation of the Network, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo when he was accused of sexual harassment at the time.

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Cuomo was suspended “indefinitely” by CNN on Tuesday. According to a source familiar with the matter, the network has retained a legal firm that presented its findings on Friday and CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker fired Cuomo on Saturday. 

The producers and other members of the “Cuomo Prime Time” team will continue to work even during the legal proceedings and the next week, Michael Smerconish, Cuomo’s regular successor will host the show at 9 p.m. Chris Cuomo was suspended earlier this week eagerly anticipating further examination of fresh stuff that revealed about his role with his brother’s prosecution. 

The Team Will Look Into the Additional Evidence Against Chris Cuomo

CNN Network has appointed a professional law firm to execute all the investigations and they fired him immediately as more additional information has come to light during the execution of that case. In spite of the firing, the legal firm will conduct an investigation as needed.


Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo

A CNN official refused to provide any additional information on the new information. This is not how they want their time at CNN to end, Chris Cuomo said in a statement on Saturday, but he has already told them why and how he helped his brother.

So, as disheartening as this is, he is extremely proud of the Cuomo Prime Time team and the job we performed as CNN’s number one show in an extremely competitive period.

Chris Cuomo Is Feeling Disheartened After the Legal Investigation

He owed them all and shall miss that amazing group of people who achieved so much for them as well as for the Network. While the main shades of Chris Cuomo’s involvement with the governor’s office had been rumored for months and the details were revealed in a large document dump on Monday. 

The documents, which were provided by New York Attorney General Letitia James after an inquiry into the governor, revealed that Chris Cuomo was effectively working as an unpaid advisor to the governor while working as one of CNN’s top anchors.

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Through text messages received by James’ office, the nice and comfortable and inappropriate nature of the relationship was exposed. As opponents began to make their allegations public, Chris Cuomo attempted to use his contacts in the press to help Andrew Cuomo’s team prepare, as per texts between the anchor and several aides and allies of the governor.

Brother’s Opinion  

Chris Cuomo informed viewers on the day his brother was fired that this situation is unlike anything he has ever seen. He said he never reported on the sexual harassment scandal or tried to influence CNN’s coverage. He further revealed that after the incident surfaced, he tried to be there for his brother. He is not only a professional but also a sibling. 

Nothing was under his control. He went to listen and give my opinion and he added that Cuomo received support from CNN executives, and his show “Cuomo Prime Time,” which is often the network’s highest-rated show, remained on the air throughout the dispute.

However, as “Reliable Sources” noted at the time, several CNN employees were angered by Cuomo’s journalistic faults. After James’ office revealed text messages, affidavits, and other raw materials from her investigation into the ex-governor, the dissent only deepened.

CNN management stated when the records were disclosed on Monday that over the next several days, thousands of pages of additional transcripts and evidence would be investigated. When Chris confirmed to us that he had given his brother’s staff assistance, he broke our guidelines, and we publicly acknowledged it. 

However, we respected his strange position and accepted his need to prioritize his family over his profession. However, these documents reveal a broader level of involvement in his brother’s actions than we have before the network concluded.

As a result, Chris has been thrown on indefinite suspension until further investigation. Cuomo first refused to answer. On Wednesday, he said the ban was “embarrassing” but acceptable on his radio show. He also emphasized that he would never “compromise any of my colleagues” and that he would follow the procedure.

The procedure involves an outside law firm, according to Saturday’s announcement, which was previously unknown. Cuomo was fired on Saturday after evidence in the texts and documents indicated a serious violation of CNN standards. For more recent updates and information, you can stay in touch with us.

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