Cnn’s Paul Begala: Democrats Don’t Have ‘bad Leaders,’ They Have ‘bad Followers’

Recently it came into everyone’s consideration that the CNN contributor Paul Begala was seen going on behalf of president Biden to make a case. He mentioned that all the problems going on with democracy is not because of the people at the top of the party. 

On the contrary, this case is mostly because of all the failing efforts of president Biden to get the Voter’s Bill passed in Congress. And with these failed efforts Begala had to answer a lot of people on behalf of president Biden. He was asked to share his views on a statement by the daughter-in-law of Andrea Waters King, to Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr., who further said it to Politico. The statement said that they have seen president Biden and they know what will happen if he actually puts all his efforts to work to make the bill pass and how much power he contains behind the infrastructure.

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They further added that they want to see exactly that dedication and passion to be put into regarding voting rights.

Paul Begala Said I Think President Biden Needs Good Followers

After all these statements were asked, a panel discussion was held on Monday in which the anchor Poppy Harlow of CNN asked certain questions to Begala. He asked, “Do we think it’s a fair criticism? or is President Biden not putting much effort into the voter’s rights that he had put for the infrastructure and if it is true we would like to have some fair examples? To this Begala answered that yes it is true that president Biden had got the infrastructure Bill passed and that’s a very good thing.

Cnn's Paul Begala
Cnn’s Paul Begala

He also added that president Biden is putting all his efforts and all his Presidency force to also get the voters Bill passed. He further said that here the main problem for the Democrats right now is not that they don’t have good leaders, it’s that they have bad followers and thus everything is so confusing here.

Furthermore, in the panel, Begala started explaining a story to Harlow regarding the previous Clinton aide which was passed earlier this was passed by MLK confidant Andrew Young when realized that an exchange of civil rights was done after President Lyndon B Johnson said that he was out of powers to get any civil right act passed and that he does not have any more political capital to be moving forward with voting rights as well.

So after that, while they were leaving the White house Andy Young asked Dr. King what shall be done in such a matter to help out the President to get some power back regarding the voter’s rights. Begala further continued and if you know what they actually did they organized a few things to help the president out.

And to specify what Andy Young said at that time was they would mobilize the churches, labor unions, the universities, other business communities, and a lot of people of goodwill to help him out.

Is President Biden Putting Any Efforts Into Passing the Voters Right?

Further, Begala added that in other words, all the people who need equal voting rights do need to get to work right now. He said that he already thinks that President Biddone is putting his 100% and even more to try everything he can do to pass this act but he definitely needs some better followers so that means he needs all of them to be in the game and helping the president out in this matter. 

After facing all the answers and answering all the Steel comments, Big Gala had faced a lot of critics on both sides of the story. He was slammed down by a lot of people commenting and acting in a very harsh way for him and also the entire group of Biden Administration.

As of now, everyone in the country is in rage because of the statements made by Paul Begala and we are still unsure of where these comments and what outcome will bring to people directly and also to the voter’s rights. Until then stay tuned with us for all such updates about recent news and also about what’s going on around you.

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