Cohasset Husband Arrested: The Investigation Officials Say

Cohasset Husband Arrested: Located in Norfolk County, Cohasset is one of the towns in the state of Massachusetts. The population was 8,381 at the time of the next census in 2020. Native Americans called Cohasset home for thousands of years before European colonization, and the English colonists took their name from them.

 In 1614, while exploring the coast of New England, Captain John Smith recounted an incident between his ship and four Native Americans in a canoe at Quonahasit, when two of the Native Americans were shot.

Cohasset Husband Arrested

Cohasset Husband Arrested
Cohasset Husband Arrested

For “misleading the inquiry,” the police have detained Ana Walshe’s husband, a real estate executive who went missing from Cohasset.

As reported by the Boston Globe on Sunday, officials called off their ground search for the ladies late Saturday afternoon after the arrest was made public by the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office.

Authorities did not elaborate on how 46-year-old Brian Walshe misled them in their search for Walshe’s wife. His arraignment hearing in Quincy District Court is set for Monday. Family members last saw Ana

Walshe, a property manager and rental agent for a DC business, also had a second house in the Chevy Chase area. She was a real estate agent in the state of Massachusetts and worked a full-time job that required her to travel to and from the nation’s capital.

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Husband of missing Cohasset woman

The Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office reports that the spouse of the missing Cohasset lady has been arrested and charged with deceiving a police investigation.

Brian Walshe, 46, has been arrested by the Cohasset police and the Massachusetts state police. He faces charges of obstruction of justice and false statements to police. The disappearance of Ana Walshe, a mother of three, aged 39, remains under investigation.

The Norfolk District Attorney’s Office stated in a statement on Sunday that “over the course of that investigation, detectives established probable cause to suspect that her husband Brian Walshe had committed the offense of deceiving police investigators.” The husband’s arraignment in Quincy District Court is scheduled for Monday.

Before 2021, Brian Walshe admitted to selling phony Andy Warhol “Shadows” abstract paintings from 1978 in a federal court in Boston. After first listing them on eBay for $100,000, he allegedly agreed to sell them off the site for $80,000, according to prosecutors. The purchaser subsequently

The Investigation Officials Say

It has been a week since the disappearance of a Cohasset lady, and her husband has been detained on suspicion of interfering with the police investigation.

Indicting Attorney for Norfolk, Michael Morrissey claimed that 46-year-old Brian Walshe was arrested on Sunday. Cohasset and the Massachusetts State Police have been looking into the case of missing 39-year-old Ana Walshe since she was reported missing on Wednesday.

According to Morrissey, the inquiry led to reasonable suspicion that the spouse had lied to authorities. According to WCVB, a sister station to ABC 6, numerous police cruisers arrived to Walshe’s house early Sunday morning. People posing as investigators were seen strolling about and taking pictures of the house.

In addition, news personnel saw kids exiting the house. Walshe is a mom of three little sons, aged two, four, and six.

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