Comedy Album by John Mulaney Pattern Oswalt Dismissed From Spotify Amid Royalties Battle

Last week multiple sources revealed that comedy albums by John Mulaney, Tiffany Haddish, Patton Oswalt, Kevin Hart, and others were removed from Spotify after the streaming service and a licensing company faced an agreement over increased royalties for comedians, spoken word artists, and many others. 

The aforementioned comedians, as well as the estates of Bob Hope, Don Rickles, and Lucille Ball, are members of Spoken Giants, a creator’s right activist group are dedicated to nurturing and maintaining relationships with comedians, podcast authors, speechwriters, and other spoken-word creators has been mentioned by the several reports over this argument.

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Spoken Giants was recently in talks with Spotify over royalties and currently, when a comedian’s work is streamed, they only receive royalties for performing it and not royalties for composing it.

Why Spotify Started to Remove Various Workers From the Official Platform?

Spoken Word resources are under-represented in today’s sonic landscape compared to music and other media, and more importantly, major copyright rights are not paid by every channel that generates great value from using comedy works, podcasts, and other spoken-word assets, according to a statement on Spoken Giants website. When the two parties could not agree.

john mulaney
john mulaney

Spotify began removing several of the comedian’s albums from its service around thanksgiving, according to the Wall Street Journal. Only two of Mulaney’s albums, The Top Part from 2009 and John Mulaney & “The Sad Sack Lunch” from 2019, are still available to stream on Spotify. Patton Oswalt, another member of the Spoken Giants, has only a few albums on the streaming site, the most recent of which is 2017’s Talking for Clapping.

What Will Be Available To Stream Online On Spotify? 

Spotify does provide entertainers a lot of exposure and allows them to reach a wide audience. As a result, having their work taken down is terrible to each creator, Spoken Giants CEO and co-founder Jon King who previously worked for music publishing companies like BMI and others told the Wall Street Journal. Before, there was not much to collect. 

Now, a Gaffigan or a Mulaney has billions of performances across various platforms and has been doing tremendous for their fans and it is an entirely another universe. A collaborative licensing company finally makes sense.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Spotify has huge amounts of money for the content in question and would love to continue doing so. The comedians’ work, on the other hand, will remain unavailable on Spotify until the problem is fixed. For more recent updates and information, you can stay in touch with us.

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