Commander of Navy Seal Team Accident in Training

A Navy SEAL commander has died as the result of injuries he has suffered in Virginia during a training accident. Commander, Brian Bourgeois who was 43, was seriously injured on Saturday while a quick down from a helicopter which has been recently revealed by Naval Special Warfare Command.

However, the reason behind his fall is still unknown and the cause of his fall is still being investigated and a Navy official revealed that it is not clear whether the rope got loose from the plane or some malfunctioning has taken place.

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According to the Navy, SEALs usually employ fast-roping to quickly deploy when a helicopter is unable to land. Bourgeois, the commanding leader of SEAL Team 8, passed away on Monday at Norfolk Sentara General Hospital because of his injuries.

Naval Special Warfare Command Remarks

In a recent interview with FOX News, the Naval Special Warfare Command said that “Our prayers and thoughts are with the Bourgeois family and we will ensure that our team remains dedicated to Brian’s family and children for the rest of their lives in every situation said by Rear Administration H.W. Howard III, commander, Naval Special Warfare Command.

Navy SEAL Team accident
Navy SEAL Team accident

Brian was one of our most competent leaders who had all of the attributes that make our team efficient. His passionate leadership and dedicated leadership of our standard will be missed. His legacy continues in the teammates he led, mentored, and served with. Bourgeois is survived by his wife, Megan, and five children. The list goes like

  • Barret 
  • Allie 
  • Piper 
  • Callen  
  • Jonathan

Who Took the Command of Seal 8?

The executive officer of SEAL Team 8 has effectively taken command. Captain Donald G. Wetherbee the commander and Naval Special Warfare Group 2 remarked that we are working with SEAL Team 8 to provide every type of support we possibly can to Brian’s family and comrades. 

An incident like this impacts terribly on all of us, “he added. “Brian was a hard-working person, a great leader, and a loving father, husband, and friend. This is a big loss for everyone who knew him and he will be missed at every step of leadership and mentoring of the team. He will be missed a lot, the commander revealed in an interview. SEAL Team 8 is based in Virginia Beach and has a global focus in the Caribbean, Africa, and the Mediterranean, according to WAVY-TV.

Brave Bourgeois Will Be Honored

In May 2001, Bourgeois was appointed by the United States Naval Academy and he played tremendous roles till his entire journey. According to a Navy statement, among his many awards and distinctions over the past two decades was a Bronze Star with bravery and many other medals with distinctions as well.

Members of the Armed Forces are awarded the Bronze Star for courageous or outstanding achievement or service in a combat zone and pioneer as well as bomb planting. 

According to the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland, Bourgeois was a four-year member of the Navy Academy football team and has won three honors as a safety. On Saturday, the team will pay tribute to Bourgeois at the annual Army-Navy game in northern New Jersey.

According to the Capital Gazette, the team will go out with a SEAL Team 8 flag among the standard American, Navy, and Marine Corps flags. Michael Salisbury, a senior wide receiver, and Jayden Umbarger, a sophomore wide receiver, will both wear SEAL Team 8 patches on their jerseys. For more entertaining updates and news, you can stay in touch with us.

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