Control Z Season 2- Release Date Status, Cast, Plot and more

Produced and developed by  Lemon Studios for the streaming platform Netflix, Control Z is a series that highlights cyberbullying, social drama and the anxiety that teenagers these days have to face. It’s been almost a year since Control Z season 1 aired and season 2 was renewed soon after. It ended awfully, with lives, freedoms under threat, and many other variables at stake. So it’s no surprise viewers want to find out what happens next through Control ZSeason 2. How will everything work out for the mexican teenagers? How many more secrets will be revealed before the cyberbullying comes to a halt? Which cast members will be returning? Well, all these answers can only be found through the new season.

Hence, to find out all details and your answers regarding Control Z season 2 , continue reading.

Control Z Season 2 Release Date

The much-awaited mexican teen drama, Control Z Season 2 is set to premiere on Netflix on the 4th of August 2021. Fans are already ready to be marvelled by the upcoming season as it will reveal fresh mysteries and take an exciting tour of the past. So we’re just a few weeks from the release date of Netflix’s another fantastic and thrilling new season of Control Z. 


Although we don’t have the exact plot details for season 2, we can predict a bit after looking at the trailer. After Luis’ death, an unknown person takes over his social media accounts and promises to avenge those who have turned his life into a living nightmare. Luis also recorded a video for Gerry to watch and he is probably to blame for Luis suffering.. 

Sofia, on the other hand, is putting all her effort and time into figuring out the culprit behind all of this trauma that is being caused to her fellow classmates. Moreover, she is on the watch for Gerry as she tries to figure out who this time is torturing the students at her Mexican High School. Overall, season 2 is going to be even more thrilling than season 1 as viewers will get to see many more twists and turns in the story.

Control Z Season 2
Control Z Season 2

Control Z Season 2 Cast

The cast members of Control Z Season 2 are the same as of Control Z season 1. They have all been listed below:

  • Ana Valeria Becerril as Sofía Herrera
  • Michael Ronda as Javier Williams
  • Yankel Stevan as Raúl de León
  • Zion Moreno as Isabela de la Fuente (season 1)
  • Luis Curiel as Luis (season 1)
  • Samantha acuna as Álex
  • Macarena Garcia as Natalia Alexander
  • Fiona palomo as Maria Alexander
  • Andres Baida as Pablo García
  • Patricio gallardo as Gerardo ‘Gerry’ Granda
  • Ivan Aragon as Darío
  • Xabiani Ponce de Leon as Ernesto
  • Patricia Maqueo as Rosa ‘Rosita’ Restrepo
  • Rodrigo Cachero as Miguel Quintanilla
  • Rocío Verdejo as Nora
  • Mauro Sánchez Navarro as Bruno
  • Lidia San Jose as Gabriela
  • Thanya Lopez as Susana
  • Renata del Castillo as Lulu
  • Arturo Barba as Fernando Herrera
  • Kariam castro as Valeria
  • Ariana saavedra like Regina
Control Z Season 2
Control Z Season 2


The Control Z Season 2 trailer is officially released!.  The teaser includes lots of stunning shots, which will intensify the plot. The trailer has also managed to kindle anticipation among fans and is becoming a massive hit. Overall, season 2 trailer Control Z offers the perfect combination of darkness, excitement, and tension.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there going to be a season 2 of Control Z?

Many people hoped that after the credits went to the final episode of the first season, the story would not end. Fortunately, shortly after the initial season was released on 26 May 2020, Netflix announced that the series had been renewed. This means that Control Z season 2 will actually take place.

How many seasons of Control Z are there?

Netflix is streaming the first season of Control Z for now. The first season of the show consists of eight episodes, each with a length of 34 to 41 minutes. The second season has been renewed and will be airing soon.

How many episodes of Control Z season 2 are there?

Many people are curious to know about the episode count for Control Z season 2. There will be eight episodes, just like the first season.

What was season 1 of Control Z about?

Control Z features Sofia, a tech savvy and introvert, on her mission to find out the hacker who has been revealing the secrets of people that surround her. These secrets are not your average things you don’t want people to find out about. They are the kind that haunt you and you would do anything to keep them hidden.

As secret after secret is revealed, the students experience havoc in their lives. Moreover, Luis dies as the show gets even more darker. With even more secrets left to uncover and the hacker revealed as Raul, season 1 ended with a bang.

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