Cori Bush Net Worth 2023: Disparity Will Impact Marginalized Communities

Cori Bush Net Worth: Representative for Missouri’s 1st congressional district and Black Lives Matter activist Cori Anika Bush (born July 21, 1976) holds a number of professions in addition to being a politician. All of St. Louis city plus a sizable chunk of neighbouring St. Louis County are included in the district.

Cori Bush Net Worth 2023

Cori Bush Net Worth
Cori Bush Net Worth

It’s been speculated that Cori Bush is worth $2 million. Cori Bush, a Democrat from Missouri’s congressional delegation and an activist, led demonstrations in Ferguson for 400 days following Michael Brown Jr.’s killing. Serving as a lawmaker provides the bulk of her income.

St. Louis native and nurse Cori Bush made history as Missouri’s first Black woman and first nurse to represent the state. The divorced mother of two is an active member of Black Lives Matter and participated in the unrest that ensued following the 2014 shooting murder of Michael Brown Jr., 18, by a white police officer in Ferguson. Brown has been candid about the times in her life when she was homeless, sexually assaulted, and subjected to various sorts of abuse.

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Cori Bush, Liberal Racist Against Republicans ‘blacking Wrong?

Even if racism has grown less tolerated in America, there is still one generally recognized excuse to openly call black individuals any racial insult conceivable or humiliate them for “misbehaving” because they are black: if they have an R next to their name.

Liberals like Missouri’s own Cori Bush (D) use this racial loophole whenever it serves their political purposes. Amid the chaos of a fight for House speaker, Bush couldn’t hold back her fury at the unexpected nomination of Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.).

Cori Bush Say Independent Contractors Deserve Abortion Benefits Too?

Many businesses have pledged to begin paying for employees to travel to other states for abortions after the Supreme Court’s historic Dobbs ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. However, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Missouri Representative Cori Bush have expressed concern that many individuals who are considered “independent contractors” will not be eligible for these benefits.

The two representatives urged the Labor Department in a letter delivered on Thursday to implement its planned crackdown on labor misclassification. It was important, they argued because many businesses likely won’t cover contractors’ abortion travel expenses.

Disparity Will Impact Marginalized Communities

Legislators claimed the case demonstrated a “disparity” between salaried, in-house employees and the firms’ independent contractors. The major mechanism for travel reimbursement linked to abortions appears to be an employer’s employee health care plan, however, contractors are not always covered in such plans.

These comments “indicate that while the corporations’ higher-paid corporate leaders will rightly have access to this benefit, their independent contractors, who lack both pay security and minimum wage safeguards, will not,” they wrote.

Cori Bush Pushes To Stop Missouri’s Execution Of Amber Mclaughlin?

Two Democratic representatives are appealing to Missouri Governor Mike Parson (R) to halt next week’s scheduled execution of Amber McLaughlin, citing the “moral depravity” of capital punishment.

Reps. Cori Bush and Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri pointed out in a letter to Parson that McLaughlin was given a death sentence by a judge acting alone after a hung jury, and that it appeared her defense team had not adequately prepared their case by declining to call an expert witness on her mental health.

The MPs also stated that any administration claiming to care about justice and rehabilitation should not use the death sentence.

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