Cracow Monsters Season 2 When Will It Return and Everything You Need to Know

Netflix isn’t happy to only spook English-speaking viewers, it’s also exploring horror on a global scale. It’s now Poland’s turn to scare us all with a new show called “Cracow Monsters,” AKA Krakowskie potwory, building on the success of French and South Korean productions like “Marianne” and “Hellbound.”

Cracow is a new young adult series created by Kasia Adamik and Olga Chajdas that takes place in the monster-infested underworld somewhere under the Polish capital.

Cracow Monsters centers on Alex, a troubled young woman who is drawn into the world of demon-slaying by a mysterious professor who appears in her life.

Release Date of Cracow Monsters season 2

There is no word yet about the second season of Cracow Monsters but we expect a second season to arrive on Netflix around midway through 2023.

It’s safe to assume that the show’s demons have been killed and banished to the hells of TV limbo if we don’t hear anything about season two by July of this year.

The Cast of Cracow Monsters Season 2

Most of the primary cast would likely return for season two of Cracow Monsters if Netflix again sheds a light on this underworld. The main ensemble includes the following:-

• Andrzej Chyra (Professor Zawadzki)

• Barbara Liberek (Alex)

• Anna Paliga (Iliana)

• Kaja Chan (Hania)

• Stanislaw Cywka (Birdy)

Cracow Monsters Season 2
Cracow Monsters Season 2

• Maja Chan (Basia)

• Stanislaw Linowski (Lucky)

• Mateusz Górski (Antoni)

• Daniel Namiotko (Gigi)

Malgorzata Bela (Aitwar)

New characters, as well as your old favorites from Slavic mythology, will undoubtedly make an appearance.

The Plot of Cracow Monsters Season 2

Cracow Monsters has been building towards a war between kingdoms all season long, which Alex tries her hardest to avoid. A red moon in the finale indicates that the end is near, requiring the professor’s crew to take some extreme measures.

Alex defeats Hvor, fulfilling her mother’s prophecy, after a series of epic twists and turns. It’s clear in the end that the consequences of this will be seen in season two, as a deity points out.

This kind of meddling usually comes with a price, especially when it involves the affairs of God.

In a surprise turn of events, Lucky is also alive, despite what transpired earlier in the season. This is expected to be explained in the upcoming episodes, along with the introduction of new demonic nightmares from Slavic folklore.

Trailer of Cracow Monsters Season 2

The trailer for season 2 would not be available until early 2023, so monster hunting will have to wait.

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