Cream Cheese Shortage Kraft Will Pay You $20 to Not Make Cheesecake Over the Holidays

In recent days the chocolate companies have been facing an acute shortage of raw material for desserts and this winter the cheesecake lovers may not be able to enjoy their favorite chocolate and other chocolate items during the holidays due to supply chain difficulties and a cream cheese shortage.

However, one company is trying to reduce this burden and has promised that the firm will look after the chocolate demand from the people who have been fond of this and loyal customers of the firm. 

Philadelphia Cream Cheese parent firm that is Kraft Heinz has announced a $20 reimbursement to its 18,000 customers who would want to eat something from their firm other than cheesecake for dessert during the holidays of this year.

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In a recent YouTube video, he with his firm has been seen promoting the initiative of eating something else rather than dessert. Kraft Heinz announced that you bake it, we will buy it, or you purchase it from the store and act as you cooked it, and we will buy it as well.

According to USA Today, the cream cheese scarcity is having a diverse effect on doughnut cafes and other dessert-making firms despite Kraft Heinz’s efforts to maximize their output to meet extraordinary demand.

Kraft Heinz Is All Ready To Meet The Extraordinary Demand

Philadelphia Cream Cheese has been a favorite in American households for the past 150 years and especially during the holidays which is revealed by marketing director Basak Oguz in a statement. He said that he wants to make sure that there is enough cream cheese for doughnuts, cheesecakes, and everything in-between as we continue to see high and stable demand. 

Cream Cheese Shortage Kraft Will Pay You
Cream Cheese Shortage Kraft Will Pay You

You must visit starting at midnight EST on Friday to be eligible for the $20 digital prize. On Friday, 10,000 reservations will be available, with an additional 8,000 spaces available starting at noon EST on Saturday.

But there is a price of the course to qualify those who reserve a spot must submit a receipt from a store or restaurant dated between December 17 and December 24 that includes a dessert or dessert ingredient.

Eligibility To Receive The Digital Prize 

From December 28 at 9 a.m. until January 4 at 11:59 p.m. EST, those customers who have received confirmation of their reservation will receive a unique link to submit the receipt. But of course, there will be certain terms and conditions and the digital rewards would be delivered during the next two to four weeks in the same month. 

In the fine print, the corporation stated that whether you buy $10 or $40 you will still receive the $20 digital prize with your verified proof of purchase. You can stay in touch with us for more entertaining updates and news like this.

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