First Look at Creed III Returning to the Ring for Michael Jordan

None of the recent “legacy sequels” has been as popular as the Creed films. These movies, while technically being a part of the Rocky series, have also seemed like something entirely new. Creed III will be the first film without Sylvester Stallone as Michael B. Jordan returns to direct it again.


Pictures Shared by Tessa Thompson

A pair of photos of Michael B. Jordan, the director, was shared on Tessa Thompson’s Instagram page. And he appears to be eager to get started on the next chapter of his career as a comic artist.

creed 3
creed 3

Tressa Thompson is sure that he is ready to travel, regardless of whether he’s smiling or grimacing in one of the photographs.

The third film in the Creed series is expected to be substantially different from the previous two films in the franchise. Although each picture has had a different director, Creed III stands out among Michael B. Jordan’s upcoming projects because of its distinct direction.

Michael B. Jordan, on the other hand, appears to have been paying attention to all the fuss. We can infer that he has gained valuable experience working with some of the best directors in the business. Even though Sylvester Stallone did not direct any of the Creed flicks, one has to imagine that working with Rocky Balboa himself taught Jordan a few things.

Additionally, Jordan claims that Denzel Washington taught him a lot about the craft of directing when working with the actor on his most recent film, A Journal for Jordan.

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For the first time, Sylvester Stallone will not be a part of this new installment. He declared his retirement from the character after Creed II, and there hasn’t been any attempt to persuade him differently. Both the first two Creed flicks were heavily influenced by the Rocky series.

While it’s certainly possible that Creed III will make references to the other films, the new picture may wish to chart its own course, especially if there are plans to continue these movies after Creed III, which marks Stallone’s first appearance in the cast.

Only Jonathan Majors has been cast as the film’s antagonist is known at this stage. This November, we’ll finally get our first glimpse at Creed III and the next chapter in this narrative, which is great news for fans.

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