Criminal Minds New Season Release Date and Much More

Criminal Minds: Among the many unexpected outcomes of the Covid-19 pandemic is a group of serial killers working together. It is a new series in which the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) takes on a similar criminal organisation.

More than two years have passed since the series finale of Criminal Minds, a crime procedural that fans loved but was ultimately cancelled after 15 seasons. Criminal Minds was cancelled, but Paramount+ has given the reboot, titled Criminal Minds: Evolution, the go-ahead as of this August.

Erica Messer, who previously worked on the project as a showrunner, writer, and executive producer, is returning for the 10-episode revival. Aside from Christopher Barbour, returning executive producers include Breen Frazier, Glenn Kershaw, and Mark Gordon. Below is everything we know about Criminal Minds: Evolution.

The series will also feature guest appearances from some of our favourite actors in directing roles. Episodes are being directed by Aisha Tyler, Adam Rodriguez, A.J. Cook, and Joe Mantegna, as per a tweet from the show’s handle in September. Before Mantegna, Rodriguez, and Tyler took over as showrunners, each of them directed an episode of the original run of Criminal Minds. Tyler’s directing credits include episodes of Fear the Walking Dead and Roswell, New Mexico.

Some of the original team members return in Criminal Minds: Evolution, playing a vital role in the BAU as they investigate a mysterious and unpredictable threat posed by a serial killer network that used the global pandemic as cover. As soon as things start to calm down again, the elite profiling team will have to put their heads together to take down this secret network of murderers one by one.

Criminal Minds New Season
Criminal Minds New Season

Criminal Minds: Evolution Plot

Although it is a new story but picks up where the previous season left off in the year 2020. But unlike the original story structure, this new series will follow the same storyline throughout the entire season rather than introducing a new case each week.

FBI’s top profilers get back together for a new mission after discovering a cluster of serial killers operating during the global pandemic. Now that things are starting to get back to normal, the team has to go after the killers one by one, hoping that eventually, they will track down the group’s leader.

Release Date

Criminal Minds: Evolution will premiere on Paramount+ on November 24, 2022, the day before Thanksgiving. Criminal Minds seasons 1–14 are now available on Paramount+ as well.

Criminal Minds: Evolution Finale

Following the standard season run, Criminal Minds: Evolution will take a five-week break beginning with the midseason finale on December 15 and returning on January 2. The midseason premiere is set for January 12, 2023, and they’ll be back on air every week until the end of the season in February. The final episode will air on February 9, 2023, marking the end of the series.


There’s good and bad news for the Criminal Minds: Evolution cast. The good news is that several of the original cast members will be returning in future episodes. After all, Criminal Minds would be nothing without the likes of David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, Tara Lewis, and Luke Alvez.

The entire cast is back, including A.J. Peralta, Paget Brewster, Aisha Tyler, Adam Rodriguez, and Joe Mantegna in their respective roles as Rossi, Prentiss, Lewis, and Alvez, respectively. To start off with the bad news, neither Daniel Henney (Matt Simmons) nor Matthew Gray Gubler (Spencer Reid) will be returning to their respective roles.

Newcomers to the team will make regular appearances. Elias Voit, an operations analyst at a global cybersecurity firm with a shadowy side, is played by Zach Gilford, and Will LaMontagne Jr. is played by Josh Stewart.

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