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Cult of the Lamb Release Date Status

Time to round up your cutesy cult members and take on the false prophets infesting the woods for power because the Cult of the Lamb release is finally here.

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When can you anticipate playing, then? To learn more about when Cult of the Lamb will be available on Steam in your region, continue reading this release guide. If you’re itching to get the ball rolling on establishing your own furry cult, check out our how-to guides on gathering followers, developing doctrine, and establishing a Cult of the Lamb.

Cult of the Lamb Release Date and Time

All but Oceania will be able to play Cult of the Lamb on August 11th. You can find the complete schedule of Steam‘s availability below:

Cult of the Lamb Release Date

UK: 3 pm BST
Europe: 4 pm CEST
US East Coast: 10 am EST
US West Coast: 7 am PST
Australia: 12 am AEST (August 12)
New Zealand: 2 am NZST (August 12)

Cult of the Lamb, as might be guessed, is a relatively compact game that can fit comfortably within a 4GB hard drive. The official Steam page also lists the precise hardware requirements.

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