Is The Curse Based on a True Story? Is This Show Based on Real Life?

Welcome back Fam! Today we are here discussing a comedy Crime series that has intrigued all the fans recently.  This series is written by James De Frond and Tom Davis. The comedy Crime series is named ‘The Curse’ and this story is about a stylish period which would completely take you to 1980s London. This story contains an entire gang of petty cooks who would be cursed. Due to their poor capacity for judgment skills and lack of Ideas they frequently get into trouble. However, the story is seen to take a different turn as this crew gets engaged in one of the biggest heists in history.

After the immense success of the money heist in this thriller, the drama had been planning to make a huge comeback by sharing its first claim. This series is different from all the other similar stories and it is going to take you through a journey of a complete dream boxing club and hotels in the underground of London. The entire cast is a complete package to boost the performance of this story.  However, if you are wondering what the story contains then we have covered everything you need to know so keep on reading further to know everything about this amazing story.


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Is ‘The Curse’ based On A true story?

The Curse” is inspired by a true story. Even though most stories of heists are made up, this might be based on the true-crime. The series was directed by James De Frond. He also co-wrote  a script with Tom Davis, who played Leary in “Free Fire.”  Allan Mustafa, Hugo Chegwin, and Steve Stamp were also part of the writing team, with the latter also taking over the major role of Sidney Wilson on the show. 

Although the series is a work of fiction, for now, it is based on a true crime story. This story is based on the iconic Brink’s-Mat Robbery. Brink’s Mat was a huge warehouse which was situated near Heathrow Airport in London. This warehouse was situated in Unit 7 of the Heathrow International Estate.

A group of 6 people broke into the house on 26th November 1983.  Security guard Anthony Black, who’d been related to the robbery, had helped them out. As they retrieved the password from the staff who was accused of burning them alive, was also helped by Black to get into the warehouse.

They completely covered the workers in gasoline, and then one of them managed to knock over the key and escape death. The robbers received news of having a total of 3.2 million euros in cash in a warehouse. However, they, later on, got even a bigger jackpot than this. A total of three tonnes of gold bars was owned by Johnson Matthey Bankers Ltd, which they discovered later on. After inflation adjustment in 2020, the diamonds, gold, and cash robbed from the warehouse are estimated to be worth €100 million.

A couple further filed a report about a burning crucible that was working in a nearby garden 2 days just after the robbery, and it was further released in newspapers as the “crime of the century.” They further believed that this was strange and deduced an important link between the heist and the nearest location. The cops arrived, but the case was not theirs to solve. They further promised to send the responsible area’s police officers and then walked away. The police did not investigate the event further, and time has passed. After a year, Johnson Matthey Bankers Ltd went bankrupt, and the police raided the house after fourteen months.

The resident, John Palmer, a local jeweler, was apprehended by police. In a court proceeding, he was cleared of all charges. Brian Robinson and  Micky McAvoy along with his brother-in-law, the security guard, were arrested by police. The gold, however, was never found. Clearly, the original plot in this series is based on a true event, though most of the story is fictionalized in the series. As the maximum part of the story stays a mystery to the public, the series leaves plenty of space for the imagination.

Do share your thoughts in the comments below about what you think about this story till then Stay tuned with us for all such interesting updates about your favorite shows and characters.

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