Cursed Season 2: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, and Latest Updates.

The fantasy drama is cancelled for the next installment. Check out the details here.

Cursed, the American drama is not coming back with a new season on Netflix. As per the reports of  Deadline, the show is cancelled and the fans will not get another dose of this action-adventure on Netflix.  

Cursed is a serial drama that premiered on Netflix on July, 17, 2020 followed by 10 episodes. It is based on the novel of the same name illustrated by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler. This adventure story is based on Nimue, a teenage sorceress who encounters a young Arthur on her quest to get a powerful and ancient sword. 

As it’s been over a year without any updates on the next season, but now there is a claim that Cursed Season 2 is canceled. The show received an average rating of 5.9/ 10 on IMDb still there was a hope among fans about the Cursed Season 2. But after a year of waiting, this dramatic fiction is canceled by the team.The average reception of the show or the slow profit graph could be the reason for the show’s cancellation. Here we have got all the related updates on Cursed Season 2.

Is Cursed Season 2 happening or not?

No, we won’t get another installment of this Netflix’s original medieval fantasy series. The show is officially cancelled as per the report of Deadline. It  shared the news that Netflix has quietly cancelled the fantasy series, along with that cast is also released to continue the other opportunities..

What is the reason for cancellation?

As we know that show cancellation is a big hit, as some loyal fans are eagerly waiting for the revival of the story.  There are numerous sayings on this, the show received mixed reviews from the audience. It received 67% critics reviews and 53% audience rating. On IMDb also, it is only rated 5.9. This response from the audience could be a major reason.

If we check from another angle, instead of low reviews, the show was popular but only managed to be under top -10 list for three weeks. That could be another hint for the show’s cancellation and on top of that, the pandemic which already put an end to most of the series. Netflix would have compared the show with other series in terms of profit. However, the figures are not out publicly, so we cannot say much on this.

Is there any hope for the revival of the story? 

Netflix has already cancelled season 2. If we look at the official confirmation on the show from the writer’s end, there is a hope of continuation of the drama. Show’s co-creator Wheeler who is also the writer of the show has shown interest in the continuation of the story. In the acknowledgement section of The Cursed, he clearly  indicated towards the next season. 

As the makers have indicated for the continuation, the story could continue if the show finds a new home. It will be great news for the fans, if we get any positive news from the makers.


Season 1 of Cursed ended with too many cliffhangers. It is pretty obvious that if season 2 was not cancelled,  we would have got the same cast back to lead the story towards conclusion.


If the story continues on some other platform, we will surely have Katherine Langford as Nimue, Devon Terrell as Arthur,Gustaf Skarsgard as Merlin and many more.

But we cannot comment much on this until the makers officially announce it.

What did the fans expect to know from Season 2? 

Curse season 1 ended with too many spine-chillers and fans are curious to know about  Nimue’s future. Did she survive? Did she get the powers back? The potential story would have guided the fans about the Merlin, efforts to attain the power. Could Arthur attain the position of King or he could ever be in possession of Excalibur. All these questions are still there as the show did not continue with the story.

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It is disappointing for the fans that these questions will be unanswered. However if the show continues from other platforms, all these doubts will get answered.

Final Words

Fans were waiting for the release date, as the show star Katherine Langford indicated the show’s revival and cheered the enthusiasts of the series. But the show was suddenly and quietly  cancelled after a long wait by Netflix. The story took various turns from war, courage, adventure and medieval drama which enthralled the audience a lot.

However, the story is not going to continue in the near future. There are chances that it  may not proceed, if the makers also dropped the plan of renewal. Let’s hope for some positive news from the maker’s end. We will surely be back, if anything official comes out. We will be back soon with other updates- Stay Connected.

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