Curtis Sliwa Net Worth In 2023: Fight Over Rat Infestation In NYC

Curtis Sliwa Net Worth: As you all must be aware Curtis Sliwa is a widely recognised American politician and media personality who has earned a massive net worth throughout his career. In addition to this he is also a well-known anti-crime activist.

He is the founder of an organisation whose objective is to minimise crime in the community. The organisation has impacted his net worth. Initially the organisation focused on New York City. In this article we will discuss everything we know about Curtis Sliwa Net Worth.

Curtis Sliwa Net Worth

American politician, media personality, and anti-crime activist Curtis Sliwa has a net worth of $500,000. The Guardian Angels are an organisation founded and led by Curtis Sliwa, whose mission is to reduce crime in the community through community outreach and education. He has earned most of his wealth through this organisation.

When it was first formed, the group’s focus was on reducing crime in the New York City subway system. Since then, however, they have expanded their efforts to other cities around the globe. Sliwa’s other notable endeavours include his 2021 bid for mayor of New York City as the Republican nominee.

Curtis Sliwa Net Worth
Curtis Sliwa Net Worth

Rat Problem In NYC Pits Mayor Eric Adams Against Curtis Sliwa

The two political opponents are going to battle over a rat. As reported on Saturday, Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels and a former mayoral candidate, was spotted by police near an apartment building in Brooklyn that Mayor Eric Adams owns while attempting to help rid the block of a vermin problem and received a severe tongue lashing from Adams, which allegedly included the F-bomb.

On Friday night, Republican mayoral candidate Sliwa was taking the C train to Manhattan after completing some preparatory work to build up housing quarters for wild cats along the porch area of Adams’ Lafayette Avenue brownstone in Bedford-Stuyvesant, which Sliwa claims is a hotspot for rodents. You can also read Sydney Pollack Net Worth.

Publicist Todd Shapiro put Sliwa in touch with Adams, and that’s when the “Angel” alleges Adams gave him a hard time. Shapiro, who has dealt with both of these larger-than-life politicians and was on the call, claims that things went differently.

He said Adams never screamed or cursed, but he was “very worried” that Sliwa was “trespassing” on the property, even though Sliwa never went into the building.

The noisy subway, which went through underground tunnels, made things harder. The call dropped twice, and everyone said they could only hear parts of the conversation.

Adams did not swear or yell at Sliwa, according to the Mayor’s Office. Adams spokesman Fabien Levy stated, “Curtis Sliwa’s 15 minutes of fame were up long ago.”

“An independent witness confirmed Curtis made up lies about the mayor, and this fabrication doesn’t make it any more likely that New Yorkers will take him seriously or that he would ever actually be hired for a city position.” You can also go through Jesse Metcalfe Net Worth.

Curtis Silwa Advises To Use Feral Cats

Curtis Sliwa, was followed by two police officers as he visited the Brooklyn neighbourhood of Mayor Eric Adams on Sunday, seeking support for using feral cats to tackle the local rat problem. Sliwa was able to persuade at least one lifelong resident with rat-control experience to try to create a cat colony in the region.

“This rat was huge. Huge!”  Arlene Belfort, who lives on Adams’s block on Lafayette Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant, remembered the time she had a close call with a rodent. “It came into my house, I don’t know how. It took two people to kill that rat.”

“He wouldn’t die. They had to hit him with a brick in the head to die. It was like a horror movie.”

“They’re bigger than kittens,” she said of local vermin. “I don’t understand what they’re eating. They chewed through cement. Who does that? It was never this bad. … It’s a free-for-all.” Since her previous cat was killed when it was hit by a car, Belfort has been “trying to locate another cat to come here,” she added.

Adams has received multiple summonses from local health inspectors in recent months due to the presence of rats in his home.

A recent inspection of the mayor’s multifamily brownstone, where he claims to have resided until moving to Gracie Mansion following his election, uncovered evidence of a rat “runway,” as described by the inspector. You can also go through Ric Flair Net Worth.

Since the red-bearded activist first showed up on the block last Thursday, he and Sliwa, who ran against each other in last year’s mayoral race, have been at odds over the mayor’s local rodent problem.

On Saturday, Sliwa said the mayor called him using foul language and told him to leave the property. When it was asked to City Hall if Adams sent the NYPD there on Sunday, they did not answer.

Around the time Sliwa announced he would be at the address, two officers pulled up in a parked car and waited for a bit, telling a reporter they were “just finding out what’s going on.”

One of Hizzoner’s renters, among others, voiced their displeasure with the cat-loving Sliwa and his tiny entourage wandering about on Sunday.

“It’s annoying that you’re always over here, invading my privacy and that of my child, and upsetting the good neighbours on the block,” said the tenant, who denied Sliwa’s claim that she was related to the mayor as she entered the building with her young son.

The boy remarked, “Mommy hates rats,” as the mother and boy entered the house. You can also read Trumps Net Worth.

To sum up, it is clear that we have talked about Curtis Sliwa Net Worth. He has amassed a substantial fortune by 2023, as measured by his recent net worth. However, his recent rift with Mayor Eric Adams may have a significant impact on his wealth. If you would like to know more content, please visit our website

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