Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 Spotted On PSN, Hinting At The Imminent Release

Welcome back fam! Today we are here to discuss some recent updates about Cyberpunk 2077.  Cyberpunk 2077 is not so famous for its Poor quality console ports for the games. Their quality of the product is so poor that lawsuits have been filed against them for the same reason. 

However, a lot of the console Gamers are still all waiting to explore the new night City from their living room. As per the recent reports, the owners of the PlayStation 5 are going to get a lot of luck. A recent rumor that was spread across the internet said that cyberpunk 2077 is soon going to be launched on ps5.

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Recently added in a Twitter account known for sharing all the news about the recently loaded PSN database shared a new picture of cover art for the upcoming cyberpunk 2077. This gave a hint that Cyberpunk might launch for PlayStation 5 in the near future. This might also mean that a new version of the Xbox series X and Xbox series S might be coming very soon. 

Listing for Cyberpunk 2077 Was Found in the Psn Database, Hinting Ps5 Launch May Be in Action

Cyberpunk 2077 PS5
Cyberpunk 2077 PS5

This new update was shared by a Twitter user named  PlayStation game size. He is mentioned as a Playstation Leaker who on a regular basis keeps on posting about all the newly released listings that the player finds in the PlayStation network database.

This user has posted a tweet with the word cyberpunk 2077 along with PS5 joined together by handshaking emoji and what this implied was the new cover art for the PS5. This might get released very soon as the user also mentioned that they doubt the release might be released in mid-February or March.

With all the Leak and rumors this gained a lot of attention from the people over the internet. However, it has been confirmed by the actual owners of the respective brands.  But we are expecting that the PlayStation 5 port of cyberpunk 2077 was already in action to be released sometime in new near future.

Even though it’s a bit controversial to launch the all-time famous title of cyberpunk 2077 and this version of PlayStation 5 is abe a lot of profitable projects for CD Projekt Red.  So stay tuned with us to stay updated about all such amazing updates about your favorite games and favorite shows.

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