Cyberpunk 2077 has managed to sell 13 million copies across the world

CD Projekt Red had released its most ambitious game Cyberpunk 2077 two weeks ago. However, the launch was exactly a cakewalk for them due to various issues. Despite that, they have sold over 13 million copies across the globe. The sales numbers were released on Tuesday in an investor note by CD Projekt S. A. This is good news for the company because it also comprises refunds given digitally and physically. The report considers sales from 10th to 20th December 2020. 

The analysts forecasted that the game would sell somewhere around 26 million copies during the period of 12 months, well the studio is already half-way to the 26 million.

Is Cyberpunk 2077 the best game of all time?

 The remarkable 13 million sales are good news for CD Projekt Red, as it puts it in the list of best selling games of 2020. However, 13 million copies aren’t enough to make it to the top 50 best selling games of all time. It still has to surpass The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a product of CD Projekt Red itself. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has record sales of 28 million copies throughout various platforms. To enter into the list of top 50 games of all time, it needs to sell over 19 million copies. 

Cyberpunk 2077 has had a rough launch a couple of weeks ago if they manage to get rid of the bugs and relaunch it on PlayStation Store that would skyrocket their game’s sales. Sony paused the game’s sale and pulled the game from its store last week to prevent numbers of unsatisfied customers and started paying digital refunds to them. 

Why the game is getting criticized

The game is surrounded by criticism as the game’s financial success stands in contrast with its failed launch and countless bugs issues. Some fear the possibility of a class-action lawsuit against the makers of the game.  

The CD Projekt Red had claimed that the game is well-tested and would run well on the new generation gaming consoles without any hassle. The promise was enough to garner attention and massive preorders of over 8 million. That massive sale was enough for the studio to recover the costs needed for its development, which took almost a decade. A New York Times report suggests that the game was not well tested and the studio managed to hide the bugs from the media by putting efforts. 

The thing with video games is that it’s important to assess its quality which is only possible by extensive game playing on various platforms. Once too many extensively test it by playing on various platforms, it clarifies the quality of the game. Since that’s not always possible to do before the sale of the game, it was purchased by millions of people. Only after people started playing, they discovered the plethora of bugs and other problems. You can check the clips of the bugs on YouTube.

If anything, this fiasco can be considered as a lesson for customers and developers who put too much effort into hyping up these ambitious, big-budget video games. 

Have you purchased Cyberpunk 2077? If yes, how’s it? Post your experience here in the comments below. Make sure to follow us for more tech and interesting stuff. 

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