Cyberpunk DLC Release Date and 2077 Phantom Liberty DLC Gameplay Revealed!

Initially, Cyberpunk 2077 struggled, but CD Projekt Red has since made the first-person action role-playing game a slick one that provides players with numerous hours of enjoyment. What if Night City provided players with a little bit more, though? So here comes Phantom Liberty.

Could this add-on propel Cyberpunk 2077 onto rankings of the top PlayStation 5 RPGs and best Xbox RPGs? We certainly hope so, as we are eager to meet the diverse Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty cast when the DLC releases, as well as some familiar acquaintances. Here, though, is the anticipated launch date for the future expansion.

Cyberpunk DLC Release Date

As stated in the Xbox Games Showcase 2023, the release date for Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty is September 26, 2023. Following a difficult launch for CD Projekt’s most recent game, the DLC is only available for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, completely omitting the PS4 and Xbox One. Here is the Twitter Post related to the release date.

Cyberpunk DLC Liberty Story

Idris Elba plays Solomon Reed, an FIA agent of the New United States of America, in the game, which picks up the tale where it left off as you battle a fresh menace. You will collaborate and take on challenging espionage and survival tasks in the DLC.

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In addition to announcing this extension and the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty release date, CD Projekt Red also said that it still has many ideas for how to enhance the game’s intricate systems and features. For instance, vehicle-to-vehicle combat will be enhanced, and the police system will be completely revamped.

Cyberpunk DLC Release Date

The DLC’s gameplay trailer, which showcases and introduces its plot, is extremely excellent. The brand-new setting of Dogtown and a number of brand-new weaponry, including a railgun, are displayed in the demo from Gamescom 2023.

We also get a peek at several of the game’s new overall gameplay systems, such as overhauled driving, better policing, and a new skill system. But it does appear to be a lot of fun, and we’re always up for more Keanu Reeves material.

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