The Dallas Zoo Monkey Thief Was Captured But His Motives Are Unknown

On Friday, authorities said that they had arrested a 24-year-old male in connection with the theft of two monkeys from the Dallas Zoo, as well as the escape of a tiny leopard and a gash in the fence of another monkey enclosure.

The authorities have not yet explained what they believe motivated him to act in this way. Police said they have accused Davion Irvin, who was apprehended on Thursday, with six charges of animal cruelty and two counts of burglary.

An employee at the Dallas World Aquarium recognized Irvin from media reports about the missing monkeys and called the police, leading to his eventual arrest.

Dallas police spokeswoman Kristin Lowman said at a press conference on Friday, “We do believe that (Irvin) was looking to perpetrate another crime.”

Police issued a photo and video of a guy they wanted to speak with after two emperor tamarin monkeys, called Bella and Finn, disappeared from their enclosure on Monday. It was eventually revealed by police that the individual in question was Irvin.

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After Monkeys Stolen Dallas Zoo Says We Need Significant Changes

After two emperor tamarin monkeys were stolen from their enclosures and transferred to a residence in Lancaster earlier this week, the Dallas Zoo said, “it has become evident that we need to make significant adjustments” to security.

The monkeys were discovered on Tuesday in the closet of an empty home in a Dallas suburb with the help of a photo posted by Dallas Police and a tip shared with detectives. The zoo said on Tuesday that monkeys Bella and Finn were safe and sound and enjoying being back in their habitat after being temporarily relocated.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been four other odd occurrences at the zoo, the most recent being the theft of the tamarin monkeys.

Nova, a clouded leopard, fled her enclosure when authorities found that it had been purposefully cut, marking the first incident involving a clouded leopard. The next day, zoo employees discovered an identical purposeful cut on the enclosure housing langur monkeys, but all of the monkeys were accounted for. Dallas police launched a criminal investigation.

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