Dark Desire Season 3 Release Date Status: Confirmed, Cancelled, or Renewed?

The notion for Dark Desire was simple (superficially). A law professor began an affair with one of her students. Season 1 depicted twelve love triangles, murder, and a fake death letter sounds like a healthy circle of relationships!

Dark desire(Oscuro Deseo) is a Mexican crime web series, and it is full of heaps and heaps of softcore shenanigans. There are plenty of intimate, steamy, and suspenseful situations in this film. Alma’s character, is played by Maite Perroni, is one of the lead roles in the entire series. Alma, is torn between her desire to have a physical relationship with a 25-year-old hunk and her husband’s infidelity. If you are looking to watch something fun and addictive, then Dark is a must-watch.

The first season of Dark Desire rolled out on 15th July 2020. The viewers appreciated this installment of the series so much that the in-house producers had to bring season 2.

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The second installment of the franchise premiered on 2nd February 2022. Both the seasons of Dark Desire are available on Netflix in Spanish, English, and Hindi. 

Raunchy sex scenes, the deceptive storyline, and highlights from the lives of complex individuals (which is full of lies, scandal, and disgrace) has made Dark Desire one of the most prominent non-English show on Netflix. There are endless hookups and even more betrayals in this show and the essence of soap operas.

Are you curious what this addictive thriller’s future holds? Here’s what we know about Dark Desire Season 3’s prospects.


Dark Desire Season 3 Release Date

Nayura Aragon and Gennys Perez, as writers of the show alongside Leticia Lopez Margalli as the director, have produced a show with an overwhelming impulse. The Dark Desire universe creates a strong sense of urgency and takes the audience on a whole different level.

Dark Desire Season 3

The series deals with negotiating a web of deception, controversies, and the complicated lives of individuals. A series where passion is above everything, where friends are weirder than enemies, demands another installment.

The success of the two seasons of Dark Desire has paved the way for the third season. So the possibility of season 3 is by far present. Though it has been stated from time to time that Dark Desire would conclude with the second season. However, the way season 2 ended depicts a potential for a strong story for Dark Desire season 3.

After all of this, we can’t rule out the potential of the third season of Dark Desire, especially if fans want the plot to continue.

But as of now, we don’t have any official announcement from the showrunners. Following the trends of previous seasons, we can expect season 3 of Dark Desire in the spring of 2024 or later. 

Dark Desire Season 3 Cast

This Mexican crime thriller has a band of admirable actors. If the third season of Dark Desire ever sees the light of day, the main cast of the series may likely reunite.

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Erik Hayser as Esteban Solares, Judge Solares brother of Esteban played by Jorge Poza. Maite Perroni returning as Alma Solares. The psychopath seducer Dario Guerra is played by Alejandro Speitzer. Catherine Siachoque and Ariana Saavedra playing the roles of Lys Antoine and Julieta Lazcano.

Some actors can also be present in their recurring roles. Magali Boysselle portrays the role of a therapist and, Arturo Barba & Ariana Saavedra characterize the roles of Ingio Lazcano & Julieta Lazcano.

Dark Desire Season 3 Plot

Let’s get this out of the way first. Season 3 of Dark Desire is unlikely to happen since Season 2 is the series’ final season. However, even the most dependable streamers occasionally fail to keep their renewal claims, especially when it comes to popular shows.

So, what could happen if there is a Season 3? Heads up, spoilers ahead!

The ending of season 2 had Alma getting Dario to admit that he murdered Julieta(his bride-to-be). The plot twist came after plenty of deception, backstabbing, devastating confessions, and steamy couplings. But it finally happened. The season ended with Dario(Alejandro Speitzer) shackled to a bed in the hospital. Alma finally walked freely out of the mess and trouble caused by Dario. 

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Now, if season 3 were to happen, we could see Dario finding his way out of those handcuffs and finally on the run to save himself.

Now Dario as a fugitive may suit the story as season 3 perfectly. Following what we’ve seen so far, a Darió stalking plot doesn’t seem out of the question for this mentally unstable man.

For now, let’s say the question of whether there is season 3 of Dark Desire coming or not is off the table. However, don’t get your hopes up because anything might happen!

Dark Desire Season 3 Trailer

Season 3 of Dark Desire may never go into production. Because of the announcement that season 2 would conclude the Dark Desire universe.

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So no, there is no trailer for Dark Desire season 3 out there. If by any chance, the showrunners decide to put season 3 of Dark Desire into production, then we would be happy to inform you about that.

Keep checking the blog for any further updates.

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