Dark Souls 3: Strategy to Defeat The Demon Prince

The Demon Prince is one of the most powerful bosses in Dark Souls 3 and has been one for a while now. He is essentially a boss-based variation of an undead dragon who can breathe fire and attack fire-related attacks. The monster will attack you in the 2nd phase depending upon the devil you have killed in the 1st phase. Fighting it is quite challenging as the 1st phase already involves fighting two strong enemies. Although the 2nd phase involves only one enemy to deal with, it can get very tough because the Demon prince rises from the previous two dragons’ merged remains.

Strategy to Defeat The Demon Prince

  1. The 2nd phase is an endurance test since the behemoth monster gains resistance to almost half of the attacks. Even though the monster’s battle can be daunting and lengthy. Therefore, a few tactics can provide you with an extra edge to defeat the mighty Demon prince.
  2. If the Demon prince is reincarnated from Demon in Pain, he gets a powerful homing attack followed by a meteor storm that has a huge impact. If the Demon Prince is reincarnated from the Demon from below, he gets a laser attack in a zig-zag pattern followed by a powerful straight-focused laser. It’s a no-brainer to figure out which reincarnation of the Demon Prince is easier to deal with. It’s easy to deal with the powerful lasers than the mighty meteor storm.
  3. Stay as far as possible from him in the initial stages. In case an explosion happens, it can damage you if you are in proximity. Once the monster spawns complete, try to get into the medium range to lure it into its fly-back move. This will set the stage for the boss to prepare his laser attack. At this moment, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to blow some damages. Ensure you don’t get hit by the lasers and the deadly slashes, as they can yield huge damages.
  4. If you must fight the fireball Demon Prince, then wait for it to attack where it spawns two fireballs and flies backwards. This is your exact moment to make a swift move and attack it until it staggers. Attack only when he is recovering from one of his basic attacks. Most of the damage can be inflicted only when he is winding up one of his major attacks.
  5. Last but not least, conserve your stamina and refill your health bar. All the attacks by the demon prince inflict major damage, so don’t get one-shotted. Try to dodge the major attacks and even block them by pulling out the Dragon Crest shield. The disadvantage with blocking is that it will limit the number of opportunities to attack, thereby prolonging an existing lengthy fight.

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The first boss was straightforward for players, but we have found that it can be quite difficult on greater difficulties. One thing you should keep in mind about this game is that it is unlike other games. Thus, be prepared and give your 100% during the clash.

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