Daughter From Another Mother Season 2: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer and More

Is the sequel of Daughter From Another Mother, a Mexican series, arriving? If yes, what is the premiere date? Let’s check all the updates on the show, to quench the thirst for curiosity.

Mexican streaming television series, Daughter From Another Mother (Spanish: Madre sólo hay dos) unveiled the story this year only The series debuted on Netflix on January 20, 2021. Daughter From Another Mother is created by Carolina Rivera and Fernando Sarinana. This comedy-drama serves the story of two very different mothers, whose babies are swapped after their birth and now the women struggling to come together and raise their daughters in a peculiar family. The distinction among them created a lot of drama and friction in the season.

The show received a rating of 7.4/10 on IMDb. As per the sources, it was viewed by 23 million households, since its release. As the story is packed with light entertainment and the struggle of two mothers, it managed to turn the wheel of excitement towards 360 degrees. Hence the question prevails for the future of the series. Would it be back with another high drama season? or do we have to settle down with one season only. Let’s figure out the possibility of season 2 and catch updates if any.

Daughter From Another Mother Season 2: Is it happening?

As far as the release date is concerned, the makers have been silent on this. They might probably be waiting for the final reception data on the show, to revive the story towards another season. Talking about the popularity of the show, it was quite good and fans are impatiently waiting for the continuation of the story.  The story proved to be a big hit with a huge base audience in Mexico. The show served a total of  9 episodes in season one and concluded with the beginning of another storyline, which actually served as a hint for season 2. 

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Now, the enthusiasts of the show are in high hopes for season 2. Moreover, the clues are also dragged towards the next season by the team. A tweet surfaced on Jan 29, which hinted to the fans that the show may bring season 2 to the list.  So we are also hopeful for season 2. However, at this point, it is quite tricky to guess the release date. For concrete information on the release date, we have to wait for any official announcement. 

Who will be the part of the cast of season 2?

We know that Netflix has not ordered another season till now, and the makers have not given green signals to the story continuation, to date. If the season arrives, there are high chances that a majority of the cast would be replaced. As it is predicted that the story will continue to some other storyline.

Daughter From Another Mother Season 2
Daughter From Another Mother Season 2


However,  it can not be ignored that we might get familiar faces along with the additional characters. The following are the cast of season 1 who could reprise their roles in season 2. 

  • Ludwika Paleta as Ana Servín
  • Paulina Goto as Mariana Herrera 
  • Martín Altomaro as Juan Carlos
  • Liz Gallardo as Teresa
  • Javier Ponce as Pablo
  • Elena del Río as Cynthia
  • Lisa Owen as Ana’s mother
  • Christian Chavez as Manolo
  • Oka Giner as Elena

Everything will be based on the requirements of the storyline. So we can only hope that the best arrives in the continuation of the story of Daughter From Another Mother. If anything is revealed on this, we will be back to you.

Daughter From Another Mother: What could we expect from Season 2?

The story of season 1 revolves around two dissimilar mothers, who are actually struggling to raise their children. These children were exchanged in the hospital, because of the mess in identity, as they had given birth in the adjacent beds at the same time. The series is based on family relationships, parenting, sexuality, sexism at the workplace, and honesty among partners. The show’s concluding episode of season 1 served the melodramatic plot which has destroyed relationships. Ana got to know that her husband Juan Carlos was cheating on her with Teresa. What will be the future of season 2? It is still a suspense, will they be separated from each other?  This drama left the story wide open for another season. All this will be revealed in the next season if it gets the frame

If the story continues it will again portray high watt drama in the lives of two mothers, who had complex relationships. The series may take depressing turns in the lives of the two. However, we will get a good storyline to explore in the next season.


For the trailer of season 2, we have to wait a lot, as the story is still on the waiting list of getting green signals on the continuation with the next installment. If you have not watched season 1, following the spoilers, you can watch it on Netflix

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