David and Rebecca Muir Wedding: Is Their Wedding Extravaganza in Yorkville!

Rebecca and David Muir are siblings who were born to Ronald and Pat Mills in Syracuse, New York, in the United States. When they were still very little, their parents got divorced, but they nevertheless co-parented amicably. David was born on November 8, 1973, which means that in 2023 he will be 49 years old.

Along with his sister Rebecca, he also has two younger step-siblings who are the offspring of his father’s second marriage. News anchor and managing director David Muir is renowned for his eloquence and ability to succinctly and effectively address a variety of contemporary issues.

In 1994, he worked as a reporter for WTVH television. He was a part of the team that reported on events in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in Israel as well as the Gaza Strip in Palestine. He started off in journalism. Throughout his career, David has worked as a reporter and an anchor for a number of prominent television stations.

He has previously worked for ABC News and WCVB television among these television networks. Rebecca Muir, on the other hand, is highly renowned in the realm of makeup art. Because David Muir was her brother, she rose to fame. Rebecca works as a cosmetics artist and a farmer simultaneously.

In Borodino, New York, she owns and runs an organic farm where she grows heirloom vegetables including mushrooms. The most intriguing remarks and reactions to David and Rebecca Muir’s wedding will be discussed in this blog article. Continue reading to find out what everyone was talking about!

David and Rebecca Muir Wedding

There have been rumors about Rebecca and David Muir’s wedding. These speculations claimed that the couple was romantically involved and that their 2016 wedding was widely covered by the media, which made people curious to see their wedding pictures.

These allegations are false, though, as the two are actual biological siblings. Ronald Muir and Pat Mills, their parents, were both present during their birth. Although Ronald and Pat separated when they were young, they kept up their co-parenting arrangement and brought up their kids jointly.

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On October 5th, David and Rebecca Muir exchanged vows at the lovely McAllister Estate in Yorkville, Illinois. While employed as marketing directors for a fashion company in Chicago, the couple came to know one another. They moved to Yorkville in 2013, and they’ve been happy there ever since.

Rebecca Muir, the sister of David, gets wed to Richard Malcolm. Rebecca is a makeup artist who also enjoys farming, and her husband Richard manages the Mirbeau Inn and Spa in Skaneateles, New York. Even her own organic farm in Borodino, New York, belongs to her.

Additionally, the couple is blessed with four children: Finan, Morel, Brahm, and Beryl Malcolm, who make up their lovely family. The six-person family now resides on their New York farm. David does not possess any offspring.

David and Rebecca Muir Wedding

Muir does, however, have a puppy named Axel that he cares for as if it were his own child. On his Instagram, he routinely shares pictures of Alex engaging in activities like bird-watching, visiting parks, and even boating. It is clear that Muir adores his dog dearly and cares for Axel like a member of the family. For certain occasions like Christmas, he even decks out the dog.

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The Muirs’ wedding was a wonderful celebration! It was a fantastic day from beginning to end, full of joy, love, family, and friends. Greetings, David and Rebecca! The wedding of David and Rebecca Muir generated a lot of buzz.

The 10-year relationship ended in marriage in a stunning Sonoma County house. Some of the richest businesspeople and celebrities from Silicon Valley were among the attendees. There were even rumors that Jay-Z and Beyonce attended. But it is not officially proven about their marriage.

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