David Venable Weight Loss: How Did He Lose 70 Pounds?

David Venable’s most recent accomplishment merits a celebration. The QVC host shared before and after pictures of his makeover to mark one year since he started his health quest.

“As of February 3, 2022…We had a very candid discussion about my need to be my best self when I saw my doctor, he posted on Instagram. “The photo on the right is of me a year later and 70 POUNDS DOWN from the photo on the left, which was taken just after I left the doctor’s office.”


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The author of the cookbook Half Homemade, Fully Delicious continued, “Thank you ALL for your incredible support and encouragement.”

And on the anniversary of his health journey, he actually got it. Close QVC friends complimented David on his successes in the post’s comments area.

“YOU ARE A KING!” Mally Roncal, a well-known makeup artist, wrote. Valerie Parr Hill, a decorator, continued, “You are an inspiration to all of us David!”

So how did he lose so much weight. Continue reading for all the details of his weight loss journey.

David Venable Weight Loss

He recently went live on Facebook and gave some advice he’d picked up after being told to lose 40 pounds by his doctor of 20 years. The first step involved beginning a low-carb and low-sugar diet.

David Venable Weight Loss: How Did He Lose 70 Pounds?

In July 2022, he stated, “I learned a lot and read labels. I now spend twice as long at a grocery store. I always read the label before adding something to my cart.”

David is proud of the positive changes he has made in his lifestyle while under the care of his family doctor, even though he acknowledged that it was difficult at first to form new habits.

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And sure, the resident foodie of QVC is still nibbling on some of the mouthwatering food he advertises on shows like In the Kitchen With David.

He explained, “I’m just being more aware of what I’m eating and moving more every day. Although it can be challenging to get started, once the scale starts to move in the right way, you start to feel better, the doctor is satisfied, and your blood numbers are normal, this is all very crucial.”

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