Dawson Knox Injury Explained

On 10/19, Dawson Knox, the man with the broken ‘hand,’ had surgery. Though he was hurt during the Titans’ Monday Night Football game, he continued to play for another four possessions. He converted a two-point play and threw a touchdown pass on the fourth play. Exactly what transpired, then? What’s the injury, and when should we anticipate him back?

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The Injury

Knox appeared to have been hurt when he landed on his FOOSH, or friend or opponent’s outstretched hand. In most cases, this results in a break of the Scaphoid bone in the wrist. This seemed like a textbook scaphoid injury, even if the reports were for the ‘hand.’ Most of the time, the player will feel like they just sprained their wrist, but X-rays will show otherwise.

dawson knox injury
dawson knox injury

However, scaphoid fractures present a problem. Typically, they have a recovery time of four to six weeks. In addition, the wrist is the correct anatomical term. He wasn’t put on the IR, and a three-week injury was rumored to be the case, but this was all since reports were ‘hand.’

Knox’s decline continues throughout the play. In the end, Knox’s closed fist slams into Titans linebacker Rashaan Evans‘ face. His punch slid right up to the point of Evans’ cleat. Similarly, this method is analogous to your friend breaking their hand after punching a wall. A metacarpal fracture is the most likely diagnosis for this condition.

As things stand, Dawson Knox‘s return might occur within a matter of weeks. Reports suggest he may have suffered a second fracture in his hand, which would make his recovery time longer than three weeks. Knox might make a return for Buffalo’s AFC East matchup in New Jersey, despite the competition and Josh Allen’s arm.

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