News About Dead Space Remake Says Game Will Release in Early 2023

Electronic Arts have now set a release date for its upcoming Dead Space remake in early 2023. The company was originally planning to release in October 2022, but it didn’t say that clearly and openly.

Now, the company is taking even more time to make sure the game has enough time to make fans excited when it comes back.

One of EA’s best games, Dead Space, is a sci-fi horror survival game that used to be one of the best. It was only in the last decade that the publisher had stopped making single-player action games.

In place of that, it looked for success with live-service games that could allow for microtransactions to be made. People didn’t like the in-game purchases that Dead Space 3 had, so they tried to avoid them.

Dead Space Remake

The Ultimate Goal

Tomorrow, EA and the developer Motive are planning to work on an update for Dead Space. The game still impresses people inside, and the goal is to make a Dead Space remake that is as good as Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake. That is a long process, and the company knows that.

In theory, if Dead Space makes a good comeback, it should pave the way for more games like it. If EA sees how well Apex Legends is doing, it might think that Dead Space can do even more in the single-player space as well.

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Final Lines

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