Dead To Me Season 1 Recap: The Twists To Remember

Dead To Me Season 1 Recap: In Season 2 of Netflix’s dark comedy Dead to Me, Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini’s Jen and Judy are seen eating pie at a diner just hours after burying a body. Read the Dead to Me Season 1 recap before watching season 2.

It’s not Snow White, Jen says. You might as well call this “Scarface,” right? Judy admits she hasn’t seen the Al Pacino film; Jen says she hasn’t either and that “no girls have,” which isn’t true but sums up the utter helplessness of these two middle-aged Laguna Beach women in the face of the blood on their hands.

Liz Feldman’s critically acclaimed series, which also features contributions from Will Ferrell and Adam McKay as executive producers, is back for a second season with new plot twists. Dead To Me Season 1 Recap followed Judy, a bohemian drifter trying to make amends for her role in the hit-and-run death of Jen’s high-strung luxury realtor husband, Ted; season 2 follows Jen as she tries to make an analogous confession to Judy about the murder of her ex-fiancé, Steve (James Marsden).

Since the two clueless felons now have to cover up their crimes, the comedic crime thriller takes a bizarre turn as the scandalous details mount. As a result, Season 2 can be devoured even more quickly than the wine Jen is always chugging. There are a lot of moving parts in the plot, so it’s important to remember a lot of information from Season 1 as you watch the new episodes. Read the Dead To Me Season 1 Recap before diving into Season 2 of on Netflix.

Dead To Me Season 1 Recap

Jen’s husband Ted was killed in a hit-and-run at the beginning of Season 1, leaving her a lonely, angry widow. Of course, the show is about how Jen’s new best friend Judy was involved in the incident, but the specifics weren’t made clear until the very end of Season 1. Judy had been driving, but she had to stop the car and call for help as soon as the accident occurred.

But Steve was riding a shotgun, and he yelled at her to speed off, and then later advised her to pretend as if nothing had happened. It checks out that Steve would be most to blame for trying to cover up the incident, given that Judy can be overly conscientious at times and that Steve has ties to money laundering and the Greek mafia. Dead To Me Season 1 Recap has been thrilling.

dead to me season 1 recap
dead to me season 1 recap

Why Did Jen Kill Steve?

After finding out that Jen had informed the police about Steve’s money-laundering scheme, Steve stormed over to Jen’s house in the season one finale looking for Judy. It didn’t take much convincing for Jen to talk to Steve despite his intrusion on her property because she was also furious with Judy at the time because she had just found out that she was involved in the accident that killed Ted.

As a result of Steve’s apology for Ted’s death, Jen inferred that Steve had manipulated Judy into fleeing the scene of the crime by revealing that Steve had been in the car with Judy the night Ted was killed. After Steve made some cruel remarks about how Ted must have wanted to die, Jen drew her husband‘s gun and asked Steve to leave.

Then, after some unfound occurrence, we see Steve’s lifeless body floating in the pool. Season 2 opens with Judy and the audience both knowing that Steve has been killed and that Jen is responsible because she called Judy over to tell her the news, but neither knows the specifics of how Steve died.

You may recall that there was an active police investigation going on while Season 1 focused on how Ted’s death affected Jen while she was grieving. Agent Ana Perez (Diana-Maria Riva), the detective assigned to the case, found Judy intolerable on a personal level, but the information she disclosed led Perez to suspect Steve in Ted’s murder.

At the end of Season 1, Jen went to Agent Perez angry that Judy had confessed to her, but Agent Perez stressed that she could not arrest Judy because of the ongoing investigation into Steve. But now that Steve is dead, everything has become even more complicated, and the agent has reason to believe there is something fishy about the two women who always seem to be at the centre of every SoCal tragedy.

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