Defeat The Eye of the Storm in Genshin Impact

The battle to defeat Eye of the Storm takes place on the Secret Island. Now there are two main problems that you will face while trying to defeat this boss:

  • How to get to the Secret Island which doesn’t appear on the map?
  • How to defeat the Eye of the Storm?

These two questions can be quite perplexing for most players. This is why we decided to make a detailed guide on how to reach the Secret Island and tips and tricks to defeat the Eye of the Storm. 

Journey to The Secret Island

To the North of Starsnatch Cliff, there is the Starfall Valley teleport waypoint. Your first task is to go there. 

After getting to this teleporting waypoint, head west until you reach the edge of the beach, at the edge, you will be able to see the Secret Island in the far distance. 

Obviously, you can’t swim there. So, you will need to whip out an ice wielding character (like Kaeya) that will create an icy path to the island. 

The Time and the Wind Secret Quest

You need to complete the Time and the Wind secret quest to summon the Eye of the Storm. 

To start this quest, interact with the huge broken sundial’s Ravaged Carving on the island. Then, Paimon will appear and ask you to look for clues. 

Then, go to the ramshackle tent. Here, you will see a large rock that you need to break. 

After breaking this rock, you will see the Ragged Notebook. Please pick it up and go to the broken dial again. Then, change the in-game clock time to after 2 A.M., but before 5 A.M., you need to alter the time to make four wind orbs appear.

Now you will be required to activate four wind orbs. Mentioned below are the exact locations where you can find them. 

  • Head to the water and use your Elemental vision to see the first orb present right behind the sundial on a half-submerged rock. You will need to defeat a level 35 Ruin Guard to get to the orb so be prepared for that. We recommend using amber and aiming it at his eyes to trounce him. 
  • Behind the dial, you will see an arch protruding from the water. You will find the second orb in the centre of this arch. 
  • The third orb is also in the water. You can find it by going to the right of the dial. It will be present ahead of debris. You can reach it by using Kayae’s freezing attack. 
  • Wind Orb 4 is present on top of the tall pillar that is to the dial’s right. 

After you have activated all four orbs using the Traveller’s Anemo power special attack, head to the altar present in front of the dial. Here, you will be required to destroy the wind deposit. Keep in mind that you can only see this deposit with the help of elemental sight. Once you destroy it, the Eye of the Storm will be summoned. 

Eye of the Storm

You will need to defeat it twice to end the quest. Follow the steps given below to complete the Time and Wind quest and defeat the Eye of the Storm. 

  • You will need to use elemental vision to spot the Eye of the Storm when it appears.
  • You can use either fire attacks or a character that is an expert in using bows and arrows (like Klee, Mona, Lisa and Diona). The Eye of the Storm is most vulnerable to these two attack strategies.
  • It will use attacks such as Vacuum crash that sucks the player in and crush him to the ground and Tornadoes in which it will turn itself into a tornado and move in a straight line. You can dodge these attacks by simply running away from the Boss. Additionally, during the Vacuum attacks, you can shoot ambers at it to stop the attack and immobilize it. 
  • After each attack, the Eye of the Storm will expose its core. This is your chance of attacking it and dealing maximum damage. 
  • When you defeat it for the first time, it will flee. 
  • After the boss flees, a gust of wind appears in the altar. 
  • Use gliding to reach this gust of wind which will carry you to the Thousand Winds Temple. 
  • When you get to the temple, find the Thick Notebook present in the red tent. 
  • In this temple, a dial similar to the one located on the island is present. Go to it and alter the time again to after 2 A.M.
  • When you alter the time, four orbs will appear around the dial. 
  • Activate these orbs in the same manner.
  • When you activate the last orb, the Eye of the Storm will appear again. Except for this time, it will be at level 40 instead of 35 and will be accompanied by Ameno Slimes and Ameno Hillichurls. 
  • Destroy it using the same fire and arrow technique as before. 
  • After defeating this high-level boss, end the quest by reporting to Henry Morton.

We hope you found this guide useful. Have fun defeating the Eye of the Storm and let us know about your experience below.

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