Deltarune Chapter 2 Release Date Status, Trailer, & Plot Leaks – All The Details You Need To Know!

The Deltarune Video game series saw its first installment launch in 2018. Bearing a striking resemblance to the Undertale, it has been released for the PC, Nintendo Switch, and Playstation 4. Toby Fox’s RPG video game had a positive reception amongst critics and gamers alike, making its sequel heavily anticipated by game enthusiasts. Although the exact details regarding Deltarune Chapter 2 are clouded in speculation, Toby Fox confirmed that it was indeed in the making. 

Deltarune Chapter 2 Release Date

The developers of deltarune had initially stated that they would roll the game out around late 2021. Sadly, however, that plan is no longer possible due to various delays in the development process. However, it has been officially said that the game will not take as long as its predecessor to come out. Deltarune Chapter 1 took nearly 8 years to complete. Rest assured, we can definitely confirm that we will get follow-up and updates on the game by the end of 2021. 

Deltarune Chapter 2 Gameplay

Deltarune Chapter 2 will be bringing back the turn-based combat system that was implemented in Chapter 1. Based on the recommendations and suggestions of the community, the random encounter system has been taken out of the game in hopes of providing players with a better gaming experience. Toby Int interview, Toby Fox, expanded on this when asked about what one could expect from the upcoming game. He said that the new game would feature brand new characters, new lives, and an entirely new story arc, along with many new features being added to the game. It is safe to say that when the game does come out, it will be a treat for the avid fans of the franchise. 

Deltarune – The story so far

Players begin their game by choosing and customizing their own Avatar. The story begins with a mother, “Toriel,” who adopts “Kris.” Kris is a human child who has winded up in a village of monsters. The story continues by following the adventures of Kris and “Suzie,” who were monster classmates that unfurl when they get pulled into a dark void. In the Dark World, they are confronted by Ralsei, the prince of the Dark World, who tells them that the 3 of them are destined and responsible for restoring balance to the world by sealing the dark fountain. When players complete the game, their avatar gets deleted and can never be chosen again.  

Deltarune Chapter 2
Deltarune Chapter 2

Will Temmie Chang return for Deltarune Chapter 2

The original art was made with the collaboration of the visions of Toby Fox and the artist “Temmie Chang.” Their joint collaboration led to the game’s visual appeal. Temmie Chang has also been part of Undertale as well. Fans of the franchise and series have wondered whether the popular freelance animator would return for the making of Chapter 2. Well, those fans will be pleased to know that it has been confirmed that she will be assisting with some artwork at the very least, as some of the old characters are definitely returning.  

Awards and accolades

While the gameplay and storyline gave it great appeal to gamers around the world, Deltarune Chapter 1 was appreciated for not only the game itself but for its music as well. It features some fantastic soundtracks that add so much value to the gaming experience. The fact that the main soundtrack was nominated for Game Audio Network Guild/ MAGFest People s Choice Award is a testament to that. 

Updates regarding the future beyond Deltarune Chapter 2

Those who fell in love with the Chapter 1 of Deltarune and are waiting for Chapter 2 can take heart in the fact that the future holds many more sequels for the franchise. It has been confirmed as of now that there will be at least 3 more installments after Chapter 2 comes out. Further revelations made by Fox revealed that there is a singular ending to the tale of Deltarune. While true gamers might be disheartened or disappointed about this development, he reassures that the players’ decisions and choices will still play a pivotal role in the games. If you feel a little lost regarding the exact mechanics of Deltarune, we suggest an alternative by starting off with Undertale. It is no secret that Undertale laid the foundations for the development of Deltarune. As such, by getting familiar with certain aspects of that game, you can put yourself in the best position to tackle the upcoming sequel Deltarune Chapter 2. 

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