Dennis Rodman Wedding Makes Everyone Shocked: Did He Marry Himself?

Dennis Rodman recently got married in a service that surprised everyone. This has raised eyebrows and sparked rumors. The strange former NBA player is back in the news because stories are going around that he may have married himself. Many people are curious about the facts and reasons behind this unusual marriage.

Dennis Rodman Wedding’s Interesting Facts

In the history of the NBA, Dennis Rodman ranks among the all-time greats. Rodman was a monster on the floor and one of the best rebounders in NBA history. On it, he was one of the most radically expressive personalities of the 1990s, but off it he was somewhat of a mystery, having overcome adversity in his youth.

Among the countless anecdotes about Rodman, the one about his strange connection with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un stands out as particularly indicative of Dennis’s unpredictable nature.

He would frequently take off on vacations in the middle of the season when he needed a break, leaving his teammates to deal with the aftermath before purportedly making them work when he returned.

Dennis Rodman Wedding

This was true even when he was a member of one of the greatest teams in NBA history, the Chicago Bulls.

Perhaps the most mind-blowing chapter in Rodman’s Wildlife is when he attempted to wed himself. Rodman wore a wedding dress and announced he was going to marry himself in 1996, during the height of the Bulls’ glory.

Rodman revealed in his autobiography that he had entertained fantasies of cross-dressing as a child.

“I don’t remember the first time I decided to do it as an adult…It was more of a gradual thing, where it progressed from earrings and fingernails to halter tops and tight leather shorts.” He added, “When I cross-dress now, it’s just another way I can show all the sides of Dennis Rodman. I’m giving you the whole package. I’m becoming the all-purpose person.”

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Bad As I Wanna Be, his autobiography, explains why he married himself. There were a lot of viewers, and the book remained popular for weeks after Rodman’s wedding. Moreover, he became a symbol for many others who were afraid to speak their minds.

In retrospect, Rodman sees that moment as the launch of his career as a rock star. It’s still among the most outlandish things an NBA great has ever done.

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