Destiny 2 Makes Artifice Armor Farming Harder

Thanks to Bungie’s changes, the weekly dungeon rotation in Destiny 2 has been nearly hard to exploit. Because of this, players will no longer have access to the Artifice armor bonanza that made farming for powerful items so simple.

Because it is often challenging for players to obtain suitably rolled armor pieces while engaging in average content, developers are occasionally compelled to implement mechanisms that make the process simpler and more streamlined.

Destiny 2 gamers place a premium on speed when preparing for the game’s later difficulties. Thus any opportunity to improve their preparation time for the most challenging areas is eagerly seized. But, this most recent instance appears to have been too much for Bungie to handle.

Bungie Help has tweeted that the Sorrow Bearer encounter in Duality’s Activity Rejoin Checkpoint has been disabled momentarily due to an issue.

Destiny 2

With the Duality dungeon being the week’s highlighted content, players of Destiny 2 have a whole week to grind it out for Artifice armor drops. The player base soon realized they could bug out the game’s initial boss, Gahlran, and start over with a new game state. Unfortunately, Bungie didn’t appreciate how simple it was to farm Artifice, so they disabled the activity rejoin checkpoint.

It’s no secret that the Duality dungeon in Destiny 2 has had its share of issues, but that hasn’t stopped it from being a popular area to harvest gear. This is a straightforward and basic dungeon that can be cleared quickly by a competent fire squad.

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Bungie removed the dungeon’s checkpoint that everyone was chasing, yet it still doesn’t take long for solitary players to farm Artifice’s armor pieces, demonstrating the dungeon’s high value. Artifice armor has always been helpful, but the adjustments introduced by the Lightfall expansion’s build crafting system make it even more so.

Destiny 2

To further enhance particular attributes, players can now employ the additional Artifice slot on specific suits of armor. This can dramatically lengthen the period an ability is active and increase the character’s chance of survival.

As the difficulty boost has made several things significantly more challenging to complete without the Artifice armor’s comprehensive build optimization, even a minor increase in stats is vital.

Now that it’s nearly impossible to use ordinary weapons in the most complex settings, the Destiny 2 community calls for a buff to all-powerful weapons. The PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S can play Destiny 2.

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