Destiny 2’s Guardian Games Explained (UPDATED)

May 3 marks the start of Destiny 2’s yearly free-to-play event, the Guardian Games. As players battle for event-exclusive weapons, armor, and bragging rights, all of the game’s classes are pitted against one another in the event

The rules for this year’s tournament remain the same, though there are some significant adjustments. There will still be certain tasks and mini-quests, known as Contender Cards or Platinum Cards, that Guardians must do in order to gain medallions. At the end of the event, each class receives points for returning the medallions to its Podium, which is located in the Tower of the Guardians.

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Participating in the Guardian Games is straightforward enough, as there are plenty of methods to win medallions. Medallions with higher tiers can help the Guardian get more points in raids, dungeons, and PvP activities such as Survival and Trials of Osiris. Gambit, Strikes, PvP events like Quickplay, and more reward lower-tier medallions.

Gold medals can be earned with Contender Cards, while platinum medals can be earned with Platinum Cards in more difficult tasks.

In addition, new content from The Witch Queen expansion, such as the new raid, new master lost sectors, and seasonal content has been added to these cards. Upon deposit, these medals contribute to the class team’s overall score.

This time, guardians will be rewarded with strike medals to encourage them to perform their attacks to the utmost extent possible, rather than rushing them. Two new playlists, Training and Completive, will be available in the Guardian Games. Both tasks must be accomplished on separate days in order to get the greatest benefit.

Guardians can earn practice points with their fireteam in the training playlist from Tuesday to Thursday, while the competitive playlist, which offers rewards, runs from Friday to Monday.

Destiny 2's Guardian Games explained
Destiny 2’s Guardian Games explained

In the training and competitive playlists, Guardians can earn and rank up buffs that last until the next weekly reset. It is possible to complete a strike playlist more quickly and win more points with the help of these perks.

The unique light machine pistol Heir Apparent and its catalyst will be available to Guardians again.  A special badge will be awarded to guardians who score in the top 10% of the competition.

Since Destiny 2’s latest expansion, The Witch Queen, and a new season are just around the corner, the Guardian Games are a great opportunity for new and returning players to form fire teams and have fun together. The Guardian Games will begin on May 3 and continue until May 24.

Explaining Laurels and Medals

Laurels and Medals are the game’s exclusive currency categories.

Laurels– You can use Laurels to buy repeating bounties and Contender Cards. A Guardian Games class item is needed to spawn this item.

Medals– Tower’s currency is known as medals. It is Inextricably linked to certain Triumphs, Contender Cards, and other reward bundles.

Laurels can only be generated if a Guardian Games class item is in use. The class item Eva Levante gave you will work. With the class item on, any final blows you land will generate Motes of your respective class, which will reward you Laurels when grabbed.

Motes are dropped by Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans in alternating colors of blue, yellow, and red.  Laurels can be used to buy Contender Cards from Eva Levante and repeat bounty rewards.

During the Guardian Games, medals are utilized to increase your class’s rank in the competition. Medals are divided into four categories:-

  • Bronze is a reward for completing tasks and succeeding in challenges.
  • Silver is acquired through completing activities and achieving Triumphs.
  • Contender Cards are the only source of gold.
  • Platinum Contender Cards are the only source of Platinum.

Platinum Medals are something you’ll want to aim for every time. Medals are awarded for completing Contender Cards and activities, which can then be turned in at the Tower’s podium. The rarer the Medal, the more advancement you’ll make. You’ll receive more incentives each weekend of the event if you make more progress towards the goal.

Guardian Games Rewards

One of this year’s rewards includes a famous submachine gun that can only be obtained during the Guardian Games.

This submachine gun from Bungie will have an aggressive frame and a perk called Classy Contender, which gives extra class ability energy for every kill. There will be a range of SMG bonuses to choose from, and guardians will be able to finish modifying their weapons throughout the event.

The Title, a Void SMG from Guardian Games, is an Aggressive Frame that rewards energy for class abilities with each kill. You can only get the Heir Apparent Catalyst and Guardian Games-themed Eververse cosmetics by participating in this event. The Heir Apparent Catalyst and the Title SMG rolls will be yours if you deposit medals throughout the tournament.

As part of your participation in this event, you will receive a variety of incentive packages, all of which are provided by Eva. Two sorts of bundles are:-

Scoring Rewards- Determined by the highest score achieved by your class.
Medal Rewards- Determined by the rarest Medal you’ve earned.

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