Is Devotion A Story Of Love And Desire Season 2 Renewed By Netflix?

Many people have been wondering about Season 2 of Devotion a Story of Love and Desire. The latest Netflix romantic drama, which debuted around Valentine’s Day week and kept us in the mood for love, has immediately become a fan favorite. Stefano Cipani and Andrea Molaioli are the series’ directors, with script writers Elisa Amorusa, Laura Colella, and Alessandro Fabbri collaborating. Actors Michele Riondino (Carlo) and Lucrezia Guidone (Lucrezia) play the primary cast, which includes our series’ coupling (Margherita). Caroline Sala, Leonardo Pazzagli, and Maria Palato round out the cast.

The series comprises six episodes that deal with marriage and the possibility of treachery between our characters Carlo and Margherita. The series bears a striking resemblance to HBO’s limited series Scenes from a Marriage and, in some ways, pursues the same concept, albeit through separate storylines.


Devotion a Story of Love and Desire Season 2 

Devotion a Story of Love and Desire Season 2

Carlo Pentecoste (Michele Riondino) is a writer who has only produced one book in the last four years and is currently working as a lecturer at UCM’s writing department (University for the Creative Arts in Milan). Carlo can barely afford a single bedroom apartment with his wife, Margherita “March” Verna (Lucrezia Guidone), who is an architect and wants to be an interior designer but works as a real estate agent to support her husband.

March gives a couple (client) a tour of a Concordia property that is both magnificent and conveniently located away from the city’s lofty towers in “Devotion, a Story of Love and Desire.” Carlo shows up at Concordia pretending to be one of Margh’s clients during the tour, establishing the couple’s intense and intimate relationship.

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Later, at Carlo’s mother’s birthday party, his father, a surgeon by trade, makes a joke at his artistic son and encourages him to find a good apartment, if only to have a permanent roof over their heads. Carlo and Margh consider purchasing Concordia, despite their inability to do so, in the hopes that it will motivate Carlo to write his book as soon as possible. As a result, Margh deceitfully removes the for sale sign from in front of the property, hoping that their dream life will begin soon when catastrophe strikes.

Sofia Casadei, a Rimini native who has moved to Milan to pursue a career as a writer, is a student in Carlo’s writing program. Sofia suffers from a childhood trauma, the death of her mother in an accident (which she later discovers was a suicide), as a result of which she has frequent mental strokes and difficulties to write down her thoughts fluently. Carlo invites his students to write their autobiographies as part of an assignment, and Sofia begins to suffocate while recalling the incident, and she rushes to the women’s lavatory, where Carlo follows her out of concern. When Carlo tries to console Sophia in the ladies’ room, she unexpectedly hugs him, and another girl passing by observes them sharing a private moment.

The principal interrogates Carlo and is concerned about his integrity shortly after the occurrence, but after Sofia clears the air, the principal bury the topic without further debate. Margh becomes obsessed with the information and begins an investigation into Carlo, assuming that her husband is truly cheating on her with a 20-year-old student after Carlo casually brings the subject up to her. Margh’s skepticism leads to terrible twists and turns in their marriage, leading her to cheat on her husband with Andrea, her physiotherapist. Acts of infidelity lift her out of her husband’s shadow, giving her the strength to take on new challenges in life, eventually leading her to throw up her personal and professional life and start over.

Devotion A Story Of Love And Desire Season 2 Cast

Directed By: Stefano Cipriani and Andrea Molaioli

Written By: Elisa Amorusa, Laura Colella and Alessandro Fabbri

Devotion a Story of Love and Desire Season 2  Release date

Devotion, a Story of Love and Desire Season 2is expected to be released in late 2023. Devotion, a Story of Love and Desire Season 2 has everyone excited, and the upcoming season of this series is eagerly anticipated by NETFLIX Web series viewers.

Devotion a Story of Love and Desire Season 2 Trailer

When you’re in a relationship, how does it feel to be betrayed? Or What happens if a tiny misunderstanding or betrayal leads to a calamity in someone’s life? Today’s drama series, Devotion, A Story Of Love And Desire, depicts all of this. It is an Italian romance drama series set in 2022, based on Mario Missiroli’s novel. Stefano Cipriani and Andrea Molaioli directed the series. The plot centers around a couple who have dissolved their relationship due to one misgiving and infidelity.

The Trailer is available you can also see it given below.

Final Lines

Devotion: A Love and Desire Story’ Stefano Cipriani and Andrea Molaioli direct a 2022 Italian Romance Drama series. It is based on Mario Missiroli’s novel of the same name. Season 1 is currently available to watch on Netflix.

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