Dexter Season 9 Release Date Status, Storyline, Cast And All Recent Updates

As soon as the first episode aired, viewers were smitten with Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall). A man who works as a blood-spatter analyst during the day and a deadly vigilante at night was a huge hit with viewers when the show premiered in 2006. Despite his best efforts, Dexter was presumed dead by his coworkers following his departure for a new life in Argentina. In reality, Dexter has taken on a new name in Oregon and is still alive and well.

Developed for Showtime as a continuation of the series Dexter, Dexter: New Blood is an American crime drama mystery miniseries written and directed by Marcos Siega and produced by Clyde Phillips. In addition to returning cast members Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, the show also features newcomers Jack Alcott, Julia Jones, Johnny Sequoyah, Alana Miller, and Clancy Brown.

“Remember the Monsters?” was televised in 2013 and takes place ten years after the original series ended. As of November 7, 2019, the show was airing on Showtime.

Dexter Season 9 Release Date

On Sunday, November 7th, 2021, Dexter returned to American television screens. At Comic-Con, the release date and season nine’s title, Dexter: New Blood, were revealed. You can now watch every episode of Dexter: New Blood online, from the very first episode all the way through to the very conclusion.

Showtime in the United States and Amazon Prime Video in the United Kingdom both have all prior seasons of Dexter available to watch. It should be noted that in order to access the seasons, British viewers will need to purchase them separately from the platform’s basic subscription — they are not included in the platform’s standard membership. Having said that, this should keep all unwelcome passengers at bay — at least for the time being.

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Dexter Season 9 Storyline

Dexter: New Blood is set a decade after the end of season 8 and takes place in Iron Lake, New York, where Dexter now lives. Everything appears to be going swimmingly for him now that he’s settled into his new role as a modest shopkeeper.

However, Dexter is forced to go back in time as a new killer stalks the residents of Iron Lake.After stepping down as showrunner after the first four seasons, Clyde Phillips is returning to bring the series back to life. For Dexter fans, this is an especially exciting prospect. There are other familiar faces from Dexter’s early days, as well: John Lithgow will make his return as the Trinity Killer from Dexter’s fourth season for New Blood.

Dexter Season 9 Characters

Main characters

  • Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan / Jim Lindsay
  • Jack Alcott as Harrison Morgan
  • Julia Jones as Police Chief Angela Bishop
  • Johnny Sequoyah as Audrey Bishop
  • Alano Miller as Sergeant Logan
  • Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan
  • Clancy Brown as Kurt Caldwell

Special guest stars

  • David Zayas as Angel Batista
  • John Lithgow as Arthur Mitchell / Trinity Killer


  • David Magidoff as Teddy Reed
  • Katy Sullivan as Esther
  • Michael Cyril Creighton as Fred Jr.
  • Gizel Jiménez as Tess
  • Gregory Cruz as Abraham Brown
  • Jamie Chung as Molly Park
  • Shuler Hensley as Elric

This season’s cast now includes Oscar Wahlberg’s character Zach, the school’s wrestling captain.

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Dexter Season 9 Trailer

The official name of the revival, as well as a trailer, were unveiled in July 2021 in conjunction with the release of the trailer. The events of Dexter: New Blood takes place ten years after the events of the Dexter television series finale. Dexter, who is now known by the name Jim Lindsay, is enjoying a quiet existence in the small town of Iron Lake, New York.

However, he can’t seem to get rid of the man he used to be. According to Dexter, his therapy session has been “a frenzy.” “I’ve always had my demons, so I went somewhere to get away from them. But every now and again, I get a tremendous need that I can’t resist.”

Despite his enthusiasm for his new existence, “Dexter’s Dark Passenger beckons” in the wake of unforeseen happenings in this close-knit society, according to the synopsis. New cast members, such as Julia Jones, Alano Miller, and Clancy Brown, may also be seen in the trailer, including Julia Jones and Alano Miller. To begin with, we find Dexter in therapy, where he appears to be trying to fight off his homicidal impulses. Despite this, the serial murderer is clearly reverting back to his old methods at the end of the trailer.

Dexter Season 9 Reviews

The revival has received a mixed response from critics, with Rolling Stone noting that “neither [Hall] nor New Blood come to seem sharp enough to warrant his comeback as anything than a nostalgia play for a property whose finale undoubtedly preempted a lot of nostalgia.”

“It’s kind of exciting seeing Dexter again,” gushed Entertainment Weekly, while IGN added that “New Blood’s combination of old and new offers a lot of promise.” Despite the mixed reviews, the program isn’t all terrible news.

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