When Will the Diablo 4 Beta be Available?

Diablo 4 will be the next installment in the series when it launches in June, and a beta is on the way. But, the beta is only available on specific dates, and early access is granted to a select few. We’ve listed those dates and times, as well as information on how to join the beta, what you can expect to receive if you do, and what the beta itself entails.

When and where will the Diablo 4 Early Access Beta be available?

The Diablo 4 beta will be available to those with early access beginning Friday, March 17 at 4 pm in the UK (GMT) and expire Monday, March 20 at 7 pm (GMT).

The early access beta download will commence on Wednesday, March 15, at 4 pm in the United Kingdom (GMT). That is 9 am on the West Coast and noon on the East Coast in the United States.

Below are the dates and timings for Diablo 4’s early access beta in additional timezones:

  • UK: Friday, March 17, 4 pm (GMT)
  • Europe: Friday, March 17, 5 pm (CET)
  • East Coast US: Friday, March 17, noon (EDT)
  • Central US: Friday, March 17, 11 am (CDT)
  • West Coast US: Friday, March 17, 9 am (PDT)

When the Diablo 4 early access beta expires in other timezones:

  • UK: Monday, March 20, 7 pm (GMT)
  • Europe: Monday, March 20, 8 pm (CET)
  • East Coast US: Monday, March 20, 3 pm (EDT)
  • Central US: Monday, March 20, 2 pm (CDT)
  • West Coast US: Monday, March 20, noon (PDT)

The date and time for everyone to try out Diablo 4

Diablo 4’s beta begins the following weekend, on March 24 at 4 pm UK (GMT), and runs through March 27 at 8 pm UK (GMT) for those who do not have early access (BST). Take note that the time zones in the UK and Europe will shift the day before the beta closes, so you’ll need to adjust your playtime accordingly.

The public beta will be available for download on March 22 at 4 pm UK time (GMT). That’s noon on the United States East Coast and 9 am on the West Coast.

The open Diablo 4 beta will begin on the following dates and times for all time zones:

  • UK: Friday, March 24, 4 pm (GMT)
  • Europe: Friday, March 24, 5 pm (CET)
  • East Coast US: Friday, March 24, 12 pm (EDT)
  • Central US: Friday, March 24, 11 am (CDT)
  • West Coast US: Friday, March 24, 9 am (PDT)

Across all other time zones, the Diablo 4 beta will end at the following time:

  • UK: Monday, March 27, 8 pm (BST)
  • Europe: Monday, March 27, 9 pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: Monday, March 27, 3 pm (EDT)
  • Central US: Monday, March 27, 2 pm (CDT)
  • West Coast US: Monday, March 27, 12 pm (PDT)

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How to use Diablo 4 beta?

Pre-ordering Diablo 4 grants you early access to the beta. Each pre-order grants instant access to the beta, regardless of the edition purchased.

 Diablo 4 Beta

To participate in a somewhat strange cooperation, American residents who purchase a Double Down burger from KFC before the offer closes on March 18 will receive a coupon for early access to the test.

If you haven’t gotten early access, you won’t be able to play the beta until the second weekend, which begins this coming Friday, March 24.

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