Disney Twisted Wonderland Release Date Status: Is It Officially Confirmed?

Disney wonderland twisted, an anime game released by Disney a long time ago is finally coming to the USA and Canada. This was based on the characters taken from Anime and manga. This release is going to be huge for all the fans residing in USA and Canada.

Here is everything you need to know about this addicting game which is going to launch soon this month.


What Is the Origin of Disney’s Twisted Wonderland?

This game was initially invented in Japan by a Japanese developer known as Aniplex. It was launched in the year 2020 and suddenly became excessively popular among gamers that now it has more than 1.5 million downloads since its launch even though it was not released all over the world.

Disney received a lot of praise and massive success through this game. They decided to expand the area of availability of this game, and finally, this game is making its way to North America.

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What Is the Plot of the Game?

As this game is based on Disney characters with the touch of Anime and manga, we will be seeing different villains from popular Disney movies. From the graphics, we can sense the anime touch.

Talking about the plot, there is a school named Night Raven college. This school is magical and kind of mysterious. Once the player gets into the game, they get to exchange their world with the magical world through the mirror.

What Difference Can Be Expected With the Release in North America?

After getting into the magical world, the game follows by interacting with the people in the magic school. As this game consists of Disney characters, we might see the popular villains like Ursula from the little mermaid, the cruel Maleficent from Sleeping beauty, and the most hated one, the Scar from The Lion King.

All of these graphics and action from the game are a significant part, but the most exciting thing right now among fans is that this game is bringing back all the nostalgia. Hence, we can say that this game is going to be addicting for sure.

Disney Twisted Wonderland
Disney Twisted Wonderland

Who Is the Most Popular Character and Why?

Talking about nostalgia, There is hardly anyone on earth who watches movies and is still unaware of this masterpiece. This is what makes Scar the most popular character of the game. Although, in the game, it is represented by Leona Kingscholar.

This character is massively famous among fans due to its looks and the get-up that was given, according to Scar. The character’s abilities include magic roar. This power can convert anything into the sand which he touches upon chanting.

As per the English translated explanation of this character by officials, he is the second prince of his country. The character has a bit of an arrogant attitude towards everyone; in fact, that’s what makes it a character adapted from the villain.

Moreover, they described that he is the leader of the Savanaclaw, possessing immense powers who does his work effortlessly.

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When Is Disney’s Twisted Wonderland Going to Be Released?

The official page of the game Disney twisted wonder lad shared a trailer on their Twitter page. They also captioned it to disclose the news that they are coming to North America. They wrote in the caption. Let us show you the real happily-ever-after. “Disney Twisted-Wonderland” is coming to the US and Canada on January 20, 2022!.

Hopefully, without any delay, this game will be available in the USA and Canada on January 20, 2022, as fans are desperately looking towards it.

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