DJI launches the Mini SE Drone: What to know

DJI has been an innovator in the Technology industry and is constantly looking for new paths that can be built towards the future. On that road to success, DJI launches its new Mini SE drone, and you can find out exactly What to know from this article. 

Mini SE drone: What to know

The Tech Giant DJI recently launched the Mini SE drone. The drone has a compact build, and its size makes it portable. The design is made in such a way that it is perfect for people who consider themselves to the art of flying drones. The Mini SE drone can have 30 minutes of flight time on a single charge. 

Price of a Mini SE drone

As the targetted market is for beginners, DJI launched the Mini SE drone at an affordable price range. It comes in at a cheaper price point than the popular DJI Mini 2, which was deemed by experts to be one of the best drones in the market. Currently, users can purchase the Mini SE drone at $299 from Amazon and other retail vendors. 

DJI launches the Mini SE drone
DJI launches the Mini SE drone

Weight of a Mini SE drone

The DJI Mini SE drone is a perfect size for beginner drone aviation and hence is a lightweight model. It weighs approximately 242 grams. Due to being light in weight, it can provide a longer flight time of almost 30 minutes on a single charge. This weight is also less than the 249 grams cap put in place by the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA). This means that you do not have to register this drone if you wish to fly it and test it out in the US. However, you will still need the drone to pass the Safety test, which given the standard and quality maintained by DJI drones, should not be a problem. 

Camera specs for photos and videos

One of the most valued purposes of the drone is to capture aerial photos, which are useful for both recreational and surveying purposes. The Mini SE drone has compatibility and support for capturing 12 MP aerial photos. It can also support upto 2.7K Quad HD videos. It is able to maintain the camera’s stability in the air with the help of a built-in 3-axis motorised gimbal. This ensures that all the footage captured is smooth and of high quality. You can also use it to take precision photographs as it has vision sensors that help it hover over the exact place you want it to go to. DJI has stated that it is recommended to have an SD card inside of it if you want to record and store the photos and videos. 

Modes offered by the Mini SE drone

The Mini SE drone provides great value for your money. It has various Quickshot modes built inside of it. These include the likes of Helix, Dronie, Circle, and Rocket. All of these four modes enable the drone to record and capture pictures while flying in a preset path. When capturing footage in narrow spaces, the Cinesmooth mode is perfect as it slows down the drone’s movement and flight speed while recording the scenes.  

Remote controller configuration

The DJI Mini SE drone can be navigated using a remote controller that comes with the packaging. The remote controller can help you see a High Definition video feed from the done till a maximum distance of 4 Kilometers. The drone comes with two detachable control sticks that can be stored inside the remote controller. While you can use a standard USB type – C cable for charging, it is in some ways more preferable to charge using DJI Two way charging hub or the DJI Charging base.  

DJI Fly App compatibility

The recently launched Mini SE drone can connect with the DJI fly app. This will help beginners learn how to record, capture, and store photos and videos taken by the drone. The app also will help you edit them as well. The app also has a connection with SkyPixel, a social media platform on which drone users can share their photos and videos.

Accessories of the Mini SE drone

There are many accessories that can be used to enhance the performance of the Mini SE drone. One such accessory is the 360-degree Propeller Guard, which protects the drone’s propellers and preserves longevity. You can also attach the snap adapter and make use of the DJI’s DIY creative kit to personalize and customize the visual aesthetics of the drone. 

Thus, the launch of the DJI Mini SE drone is an incredibly well-designed drone that will help even beginners who are just getting started into drone aviation enjoy the thrill of commandeering a drone. 

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