Doctor at Huntsville Abortion Provider Says They’ll Help Patients Explore Other Options

A doctor at a Huntsville abortion provider has stated that the facility will assist patients in investigating their other available choices.

Despite the recent decision in Roe v. Wade, Yashica Robinson, who has worked in the field of women’s health for more than 14 years, says that she continues to identify herself as an abortion provider.

Robinson notes that Friday was a difficult day for her, her team, and the ladies that came in seeking the care that they required. She also mentions that the day was traumatic for her.

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Statements By a Doctor At Huntsville Abortion Provider

“This has been a horrible day for us, here in our clinic,” said Robinson.

This follows Robinson’s statement that she learned the news that Roe v. Wade had been reversed.

She claims that she understood immediately that she and her colleagues needed to stop providing abortion services and that they should stop doing so immediately.

“Unfortunately in our clinic, we had several patients that had come. But we were only able to take care of a few of the patients that showed up to our clinic,” said Robinson.

Robinson has stated that she would have preferred to avoid being forced to do this.

Doctor Huntsville Abortion patients
Doctor Huntsville Abortion patients

“The patients who signed in, thinking they were having procedures today, who we had not started and that we could not care for, we put them in a separate room and we talked to them all separately, to let them know what we could do. So, the people that were first visited, we told them that we would not be able to provide any care. We apologized profusely,” she said.

Robinson claims that there were a lot of tears shed.

Just a few hours after the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was handed down, Attorney General Steve Marshall asked a judge to withdraw the injunction that had been placed against the state’s abortion ban, also known as the Human Life Protection Act. A judge agreed with the plaintiff and granted the application on Friday afternoon.

“We believe the court today acted responsibly. It was consistent with overturning a decision that truly had no constitutional basis and the reality is we are back to the point of allowing states to be able to make these decisions,” said Marshall.

“That is the basis of our republic. I think it is the acknowledgment of the majority decision today and it is the will of the respected states on how this issue should be decided and that’s exactly where it should be,” said Marshall.

Because Robinson is a provider of medical services, the lives of others who rely on her as well as herself are complicated as a result of this verdict.

“It’s very hard as an abortion provider, in knowing how much I care about my patients. To sit in front of them right now and I’m having to think and think about what it is that I can do for them because of the state that I’m in and the state that they’re in,” said Robinson.

Robinson has stated that they will keep assisting individuals who are in need of care in investigating their other available options.

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