Don Shane Cause Of Death: What Role His Family Played In He Improbable Rise To The NHL

The terrible news for WXYZ-TV Channel 7 is that their beloved former sportscaster, Don Shane, passed away this past Friday. Shane was an American sportscaster, journalist, and news reporter.

The WXYZ-TV Channel 7 staff expressed their sincere sympathies to Don Shane’s family and friends after learning of his passing on February 24, 2023. He was 70 years old. Because of the sports and weather updates, Don Shane’s 6 o’clock newscast with Diana was always a fan favorite.

Don Shane Dies At Age 70

After serving as sports director at WXYZ-TV (Channel 7) for many years, the station announced that Don Shane passed away at 70 on Saturday morning.

When Shane entered the media industry in the 1980s, he worked for Channel 4 in Detroit. By 1989, he had moved on to become the top sports anchor at Channel 7 after having previously worked in Chicago and Boston.

Don Shane Dies At Age 70
Don Shane Dies At Age 70

His outgoing demeanour and on-air chemistry with TV icon Bill Bonds propelled him to fame in the cutthroat media industry. From the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals to the Rose Bowl, Final Four, World Series, and top boxing attractions starring local boxers, Shane was there for practically every big sporting event in Michigan for 23 years.

The college football pregame show “Big Ten Ticket,” which he co-hosted with Bo Schembechler, his former coach at the University of Michigan, was another one of his gigs.

In the 1990s, Shane became famous for his “Dare Don” segments and episodes, in which he would take on dares submitted by viewers, such as taking a hit from Chris Spielman while wearing full football pads or wearing a wig like Barry Bonds’ on a sportscast.

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How Did Don Shane Pass Away?

When Don Shane was 70 years old, he passed away. He began working for Channel 7 in 1989 and has since reported on the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, Rose Bowl, and numerous Ranking as the Greatest Las Vegas Fights in Boxing History. He got his start in the industry in the early 1980s at Channel 4 in Detroit, then returned to the city in 1989 as the top sports anchor at Channel 7.

His charismatic on-air rapport with TV outstanding Bill Bonds won him many fans. WXYZ did not reveal any information on the death’s cause. Don Shane joined WXYZ’s Channel 7 in 1989 and has presented all of the sports news for the station ever since, making him the de facto voice of the Detroit sports scene for well over two decades.

Shane was there to report every significant sporting event, from the Stanley Cup to the NBA Finals. The sportscaster’s Dare Don segments, where he accepted various challenges, further solidified his place in the network’s history. Don Shane’s death at age 70 was announced on Saturday, February 25.

Mona Shane and WXYZ have not disclosed the reason for her death. Don Shane’s health has been a concern in recent years. He retired in 2012, well over a decade ago, and has been sick for quite some time. His wife of 38 years, Mona, and their two children are left behind.

What Role His Family Played In Don Shane Pinto Improbable Rise To The NHL

Shane Pinto hasn’t had a permanent residence in his childhood bedroom in seven years, even though he no longer lives with his parents. The bed is still draped in a New York Jets comforter.

His bookcases are crammed with medals and trophies he won as a kid. Also hanging on the walls are pieces of paper written by Pinto that provide insight into the athlete’s willpower and focus.

Shane Pinto’s hot start to the NHL season was a lofty aim given that any top-tier hockey programs weren’t scouting him. He made a list of the ten tasks he would have to accomplish every day to realize his goal.

Using some masking tape, he fastened the paper to his bedroom wall, where he could view it every morning. One member of his family, though, was doubtful.

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