Donald Trump Can’t Become President in 2024 If Lawsuit Succeeds: Madison Cawthorn

Recently in an interview, Madison Cawthorn said that if the legal case against his re-election in any way succeeded then ex-President Donald Trump had no more chance of winning the election in 2024. Later on, in an interview with the ex-President Donald Trump the Republican of North Carolina Steve Bannon shared all the challenges he had faced in this year’s midterms candidacy as he had also faced a lot of scrutiny on his actual day of the US Capitol riots.

So we are clear now with this, that the chances of Donald Trump to stand in the 2024 election are very weak. Donald Trump’s efforts to make changes in the result of the 2020 election had thrown him out of the possibility of his reelection.

This act of his is falling under the 14th amendment stops anyone who had been participating in such an insurrection against the government of the US. Other than that a group of lawyers had been in a constant practice of disqualifying the representative of U.S Madison Cawthorn from joining the ballot in 2022. He is being prevented because of his actions on 6th January regarding the violet insurrection he had been a part of on that day. 

Trump Along with Cawthorn might be disqualified from office under 14th Amendment

Just in case you are not aware of what had happened previously let me help you with this. Under the fourteenth amendment of the US Constitution Madison just like Trump had taken an oath to be supporting the constitution and later on was involved in an insurrection on 6th January which was against the law. So the lawsuit was filed against him to be able to prevent him from holding the federal office just like the one he has now.

As far as we know that Cawthorn is in a position to be holding the federal office however we are still not sure about what decision would be taken against him.

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As we have shared all the details regarding what the constitution is following and this rule will be applied to everyone who has been a part of the insurrection along with Cawthorn. Everyone is eagerly waiting to see what the Cawthorn lawsuit is going to result in and how it will affect Trump’s candidacy for the 2024 election.

Cawthorn might not be completely in a problem because of this constitution as we benefit under North Carolina law. According to that law, the entire burden of the 14th Amendment Act is reduced. According to this law, the person who is running an office gets a chance to prove that he is not disqualified to run for any office.

As of now, we are not sure what the decision would be and what exactly the law states. And we are not sure if Cawthorn would be disqualified or not but it is going to be a lot interesting to see what comes for them as Cawthorn had previously sworn to be held for the constitution and he failed in that after the violation of 6the January.

Some of the actions that he had taken during the insurrection directly point that he was in complete support of the same. However, until any further updates, we are not sure what the actions would be against them. But we will keep you updated with all the details that are going to be shared till then stay tuned to work with us for all such amazing updates about all the recent news.

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