Donald Trump Defends Innocence As He Pleads Not Guilty In Classified Documents Case

Former US President Donald Trump has pleaded not guilty in a federal court in Miami, Florida, to allegations of mishandling sensitive materials. It’s unprecedented for a sitting or former president to be indicted on federal criminal charges. Trump was calmly dressed in a dark suit and a crimson tie as he appeared in court. After the trial, he addressed his fans at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club.

Trump, who is widely expected to win the Republican presidential nominee in 2024, made the assertion while standing in front of a backdrop of American flags, saying that he was legally entitled to hold the sensitive materials but had not had a chance to analyze them in detail. While making a laundry list of unproven accusations and airing his frustrations against former competitor Hillary Clinton and current Vice President Joe Biden, he insisted that he had always acted within the law.

Trump went to Truth Social earlier in the day, before leaving Miami, to express his appreciation for the kind reception he had gotten despite the “sad day” for the country. You can see the tweet below how many people are coming forward to support Trump:-

The attorney representing Trump pleaded not guilty to 37 charges of illegally keeping secret papers and impeding the government’s efforts to obtain them during the court hearing. Close aide Walt Nauta, who was also on trial for six felony counts in connection with the same case, sat next to the ex-president. After announcing the indictment the previous week, special attorney Jack Smith and the whole prosecution team were present.

As the prosecution did not believe Trump posed a flight danger, he was free to leave court after the hearing and continue his journey. However, he is not allowed to speak with Nauta about the situation.

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While leaving with his motorcade, Trump gave his fans a thumbs up. One anti-Trump demonstrator, wearing what seemed to be a jail jumpsuit, caused a brief disturbance before being removed by security. The day passed without major incident.

Trump then went to Versailles, a prominent Cuban restaurant in Miami’s Little Havana, where he was met by adoring fans who waited in line to take pictures with him. He prayed with several customers and had “Happy Birthday” sung to him because his 77th birthday is on Wednesday.

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