Dr Rollan Roberts II Wife: Senator Releases Statement After Wife Faints During Speech

The Reverend Dr. Rollan A. Roberts, an American politician, is now representing West Virginia’s 9th district in the state Senate as a Republican. He started on the job on January 9, 2019. Roberts has been a leader at the Raleigh County, West Virginia school Victory Baptist Academy since 1988.

In January of 2019, he will take his seat in the West Virginia Senate. Roberts was the vice chair of the Senate Enrolled Bills Committee for the 2019-2020 legislative session. He is in charge of the Senate Workforce Committee and serves as vice chair of the Senate Education Committee for the upcoming 2021-2022 session.
In January of 2023, Rollan Roberts II declared his candidature for president of the United States in the upcoming 2024 election.

Dr. Rollan Roberts II Wife

Dr. Rollan Roberts II Wife
Dr. Rollan Roberts II Wife

Rebecca Roberts, Dr. Rollan Roberts II’s wife, fainted during her husband’s announcement press conference that he was running for president of the United States.

This week’s resurfacing video is from January 21. There is presently five months’ worth of pregnancy in Rebecca and her husband’s first child.

Rebecca fainted when Roberts was making his announcement that he will be a Republican contender in the 2024 race, but the footage later shows her seated on a chair as her husband keeps speaking.

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Senator Releases Statement After Wife Faints During Speech

On January 27, Roberts released a statement and social media posts that included photos of him and his wife at the news conference. The letter started out as follows: “Presidential Candidate Rollan Roberts and his wife Rebecca are appreciative of the outpouring of concern over her health throughout the pregnancy of their first son, Rollan III (R3).”

The statement said Rebecca’s medical staff had checked her out before the press appearance and were “closely watching the event as it happened.”

It went on to say that Roberts’ “main reason” in deciding not to run for president was the imminent arrival of her and her husband’s first child, who was born while she was pregnant.

Rebecca Roberts Responds To Criticism

After the video of her passing out went viral, Rebecca called the criticism leveled at her husband “unjust” and “infuriating.” Due to the fact that Rebecca was standing behind Roberts, he was unable to see that she had passed out.

After he realized what was occurring, “if people would watch the complete video, they’ll see him coming towards me within seconds,” she added. After the press conference was halted to check in with the medical staff, Roberts assisted her to her feet and asked whether they were ready to continue.

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