The Dragon Prince Season 5 Confirmed, Release Will Be ‘Much Faster’ Says Staff

Dragon Prince Season 5 has been confirmed, so get ready to experience the thrilling adventure. Staff members have stated that the release of The Dragon Prince Season 5 will be “much faster” than in previous seasons. The Dragon Prince Season 5 has returned from an exhausting three-year exile to reclaim his rightful place as ruler of the animated realm of Netflix.

Although the fourth installment only has nine episodes, viewers will likely watch them all in one sitting before looking forward to what the expanding franchise has in store. Now that the Dragon Prince has been renewed for Seasons 5, 6, and 7, fans can breathe a sigh of relief, as the creators have promised a return to a more consistent release schedule.

Dragon Prince Season 5 Confirmed

Netflix has already renewed the popular animated series The Dragon Prince for three more seasons.

Co-creator Aaron Ehasz confirmed the streaming giant’s acquisition of the series in the ‘Zoom Into Xadia’ panel at Comic-Con 2020. In an interview with IGN, Ehasz reaffirmed this, saying, “We’re trying to be a special place where artists, writers, and programmers can be part of visionary teams that are building something they believe in and are proud of.”

ScreenRant reports that each season of The Dragon Prince Season 5 will have nine episodes. This will bring the total number of episodes for the entire series to 63 by the time the seventh and final season concludes. We’ve learned that The Dragon Prince will have a fifth season, and now we’re wondering when it might hit Netflix.

The creators of The Dragon Prince and Netflix have not yet announced a premiere date for the fifth season. But in a recent interview with Comicbook, the show’s creators confirmed that the show will return to a more consistent release schedule, so fans need not worry about a three-year break for Callum and company.

dragon prince season 5
dragon prince season 5

The widespread outbreak of the coronavirus or COVID-19 delayed the release of many films and television shows between seasons three and four. When asked about the current rate of production, Justin Richmond promised and said, “It will be much, much faster with the coming seasons for sure.”

Only four months had passed since the first adventure’s premiere before the second season debuted, and season three followed just nine months after that. If the progress Richmond and Ehasz claim to have seen on season 5 are accurate, then viewers and fans can look forward to the new and thrilling adventure arriving on Netflix no later than July 2023.

The good news is that the franchise is looking to expand into books, comics, and video games, so there should be plenty more content to enjoy from The Dragon Prince on the horizon in addition to season 5 of the TV series. The “biggest thing” according to Ehasz is that “game announcements will be coming relatively soon and people will not have to wait for long.”

Richmond then added while having a chat with a news outlet and said, “We do have more comics coming, more books, more board games, all that stuff. We have a lot of stuff in the pipeline right now, for sure. So, fans get ready to experience more thrilling and adventurous content.”

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