Duncanville Season 3 Premiere Date Confirmed by Fox

Fox Entertainment is the go-to destination for long-running series. The Fox Entertainment Group is currently working on several animated projects for adults. Duncanville and Adult Swim are two examples of such TV shows. Other Fox Television shows, such as “The Simpsons” (the indisputable champion of Fox Television shows), are aimed at the same audience and are supported by Fox.

Duncanville is one such show, backed by the utter delight of its fan base. Created by Mike Scully & Amy Poehler, Duncanville, by all accounts, is to come out with a new season. What would you come up with if you were creating a show that is humorous in spurts, a maniac in character, occasionally interested in implications but not well enough to go beyond a weird cutaway gag, and so on?

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To answer this, Fox group on 16th February 2020 broadcasted Duncanville.

Duncanville had two successful seasons. The first came on 16th February 2020 and the second on 23rd May 2021. The show Duncanville has become the top contender for a long run to have ten seasons. And just contributing to the stream of good news, the showrunners have decided to bring season 3 of Duncanville. 

Here’s all we know so far about Duncanville season 3. Keep on reading to learn more.

Duncanville Season 3 Release Date

Fox Entertainment has already made announcements about renewing the franchise. But we haven’t got any confirmation about the exact dates of the release of Duncanville season 3. 

Season 1 of the franchise debuted in February of 2020, and the second season of the Duncanville franchise came out in May 2021. So if we were to make an educated guess, then we can believe that we may see the release of season 3 of Duncanville in the spring of 2021.

Duncanville Season 3
Duncanville Season 3

It would make the most sense for season 3 to get premiered roughly a year after the previous season, and it would be May 2022. However, it is not official, so stay tuned for more official updates.

Duncanville Season 3 Plot:

The complete story of Duncanville revolves around a 15-year old boy Duncan Harris. This boy is constantly getting into trouble or just one step away from it. Once Duncan ends up crashing a car into the tree while learning how to drive and how the entire family reacts, they appear to be completely nuts. Many such incidents suggest that the whole family is wacky.

With so many silly characters who are amusing & slightly crazy at the same time, it is unlikely that we could see changes in the format of Duncanville season 3.

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In season 3, we can see the transition of the relationship between Duncan and his father, who continuously tries to be a father figure to him.

The story can grow about how the feelings of Duncan transits for his crush Mia as days pass. Or we can see Duncan’s sister finally achieving her persistent goal of getting pregnant.

Duncanville season 3 can rely on several potential storylines.

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In an interview with Deadline, Micheal Thorn (President of Fox Entertainment) acknowledged his admiration for Amy Poehler. He loved how she was taking the show forward. It could imply that the show’s central topic is unlikely to change.

I mean, that’s how Fox’s upper management prefers it.

We can go on and on to discuss every potential storyline for Duncanville season 3 but, we can never have the complete picture until the trailer comes out. In case you need any updates, you can come back at any time to visit our blog.

Duncanville Season 3 Cast:

Seeing the show’s popularity, we would not expect to see any change in the cast of the character in season 3 of Duncanville.

The cast should remain the same as for the first two seasons. It means that we can see the dysfunctional mother, Annie, being played by Amy Poehler. 

The character of the father of Duncan(Jack) will have the voice of Ty Burrell. Other characters from the recurring cast may include Preteen Kimberly & Toddler Jing by Riki Lindhome & Joy Osmanski. 

The cast of Duncanville season 3 will include the whole group of Duncan’s friends. Yassir Lester as Yangzi, Zach Cherry as Wolf, Betsy Sodaro as Bex, and Rashida Jones as Mia(Duncan’s crush).

And how can we forget the most responsible person in the town! Mr. Mitch has the voice of Wiz Khalifa, who is also the teacher of Duncan.

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We believe that the cast of Duncanville season 3 will be very similar to that of the past two seasons. But an introduction of a character who is wackier than Duncan and family is more than welcome.

Duncanville Season 3 Trailer:

The official trailer for Duncanville season 3 has yet to be released, but we can expect it to be released soon. Season 3 of Duncanville is likely coming out this spring, so we can expect it to be released any day now.

As of now, there is no official trailer for the fans of Duncanville season 3. But as soon as it comes out, the viewers can stream it on Hulu. We hope you like the information we have given on the Duncanville season 3.

However, if there is any update about Duncanville, you can always visit our page to read about it.

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