How Did Ed Warren Die? The Conjuring 3 Highlights the Cause of Death

The Conjuring 3, also called The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, came out on June 5 in theatres and on HBO Max. Ed Warren’s heart attack and subsequent health problems were shown prominently in the film.

Following their investigation into the case of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, Ed and Lorraine Warren are followed in the third part of the film. He gained national attention as his case became known as the Devil Made Me Do It case. Take a peek at how the show deals with Ed’s condition.

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Ed Warren’s Cause of Death

It’s not the first time Ed’s health has been brought up in the Conjuring films. If you’ve seen the film, you know that exorcism was the direct cause of Ed’s heart attack.

The investigator of the paranormal was then taken by ambulance. Whether Ed actually had a heart attack during the exorcism is still debatable. Ed, though, did suffer from a variety of illnesses.

Ed Warren Cause of Death
Ed Warren Cause of Death

Ed spent 11 weeks in a coma in 2001. He had a medical emergency at his house and was taken there immediately. At that moment, medical professionals feared Ed wouldn’t survive. Ed may not have had much luck, but his determination carried him through.

Tony Spera, his son-in-law, corroborated this, saying, “They said at the hospital he wouldn’t make it through 24 hours. He had such a strong will. He wanted to stay.”

Sadly, Ed passed away on August 23, 2006, right there at his Monroe home. On the day he passed away, he was 79 years old. There was no disclosure of the death’s cause. However, a decline in his health has been cited as contributing to his untimely passing.

Loraine was by her side as he passed away. Everyone was convinced by Ed and Lorraine’s narrative that love at first sight, is real. Their unconventional romance proved that mutual admiration and respect can only grow stronger with time.

Lorraine did not increase her caseload after Ed’s death. Lorraine also left in 2019. Ed and Lorraine’s New England Society for Psychic Research confirmed the news of her passing.

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