The Untold Truth Of Eddie Munson From Stranger Things

After enduring a torturous three-year wait for Season 4 of “Stranger Things” to debut on Netflix, viewers got more than they bargained for in the form of Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn). As positively as it can be put, we mean that. As Eddie, Quinn was an instant hit with audiences thanks to his mysterious flair for the bizarre.

As a matter of fact, Eddie Munson is arguably the best part of Season 4 of “Stranger Things,” with the character practically taking over a section of TikTok with appreciative and adoring fan-made videos. Eddie has evolved from a one-off personality into a generation-spanning phenomenon, at once futuristic and retro.

In tribute to Eddie Munson’s dramatic flair, we’ve dug deep into his persona and isolated the defining characteristics that define him as Eddie. Here’s something that viewers of “Stranger Things” might not pick up on, but will find fascinating nonetheless: the real story of Eddie Munson.

Eddie Munson’s Screentime Is Surprisingly Minuscule

You’d think Eddie Munson would need a lot of screen time for viewers to get to know him, given that he becomes the main character in his very first episode of Season 4 despite appearing alongside “Stranger Things” characters who have been on the show since Season 1. However, you’d be wrong; the metalhead dungeon master only appears in about 42 minutes across nine episodes (or slightly more than 5 percent of Season 4).

Much of this screen time occurs in the premiere episode of Season 4, in which Eddie is introduced and the metaphorical crap starts to fly as a result of Eddie’s Vecna overdose. Eddie’s “banishment” and subsequent return play a significant role in Season 4, so it’s important to give viewers enough time to warm up to him before then. Even if Joseph Quinn and the Duffer Brothers did a great job with that, the fact that they were able to accomplish it in the brief sliver of Episode 1’s 78 minutes when Eddie appears is impressive.

Fan disappointment at Eddie’s lack of screen time is understandable, but the decision itself is reasonable. With so many major players, Season 4 of “Stranger Things” is structured around three distinct groups, and Eddie goes into hiding for a considerable portion of the season. Whether or not Eddie’s popularity can be explained, the fact that he has gained so many followers in such a short amount of time is incredible.

eddie stranger things
eddie stranger things

Joseph Quinn’s Casting Process Was Unusual

Things that are good come in small packages. Fans will be disappointed that Eddie Munson doesn’t get nearly enough screentime for the significance of his role. It’s surprising that Joseph Quinn got the part after sending in some homemade videos of himself auditioning for it. There will be “no meetings, no chemistry reads, and no protracted process,” he said. “It was strange and alarming all at the same time.”

The Duffer Brothers’ decision to cast Quinn for such a key role based on just a few online videos was certainly unconventional, but the end result more than makes up for it. Quinn reveals in the same interview that Eddie’s introduction speech, in which he jumps dramatically onto a cafeteria table and addresses the various high school cliques about his perceived villainous freakishness, is what makes up Eddie’s audition tape.

Petition To Revive Him

The Duffer Brothers always seem to set us up for a fall. This is essentially what happened with Eddie Munson and his tragic storyline; they gave the audience a character to root for and become attached to, only to have him cruelly taken away after a massive redemption and a truly righteous concert in the freaking Upside Down.

A petition demanding that the Duffer Brothers bring Eddie back for Season 5 has gained traction, proving that fans aren’t having any of Eddie’s death. The petition wisely makes it clear that fans won’t be satisfied with Eddie making a cameo appearance in a flashback and that he must be fully brought back into the series. The upcoming season of “Stranger Things” is being heavily influenced by the petition’s over 85,000 supporters, with many more names expected to add their names.

Eddie Munson’s Band Has Real Potential

Eddie Munson mentions his band Corroded Coffin briefly while reminiscing with Chrissy in the pilot episode, suggesting that they hold a special place in his heart. For the actor Joseph Quinn, at least, there was more to Corroded Coffin than that one passing reference.

A joking statement made by Quinn in an interview with Metal Hammer expressed his desire to have Dave Grohl, frontman of the Foo Fighters, compose songs for his character’s made-up band. It turns out that he thought a little more in-depth about what the band would really sound like. When asked what he thinks Corroded Coffin would sound like, Quinn told the metal publication, “Oh, thrash.”

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