Editorial Policy

Our mission here at Greenenergyanalysis is to present our readers with original and informative content while adhering to the highest journalistic standards. When you submit an article to us, you accept these guidelines and acknowledge that failure to do so may result in its rejection. To enter into a contract with us, you must agree in writing to our policy.


No previously published work may be used in any submitted piece. They need to be original enough to pass Copyscape and other similar services. Our editors can only consider “never-before-published” material, so please only send that to us. It would help if you gave our readers something of value in the articles you write for us. Plagiarized or substantially rewritten content will not be accepted and may lead to suspension or termination of your contributor or author account.

Claims and Data

Before being included in the article, all claims and data should be thoroughly vetted. Buyers will not brook any dishonesty or skewed information. All information posted on our site has been checked for accuracy and is considered in the public domain. The authors must provide a reference to the original online publication of the relevant data, statistics, or claims.

Try to back up your claims with evidence whenever possible. You may back up your statements with evidence like screenshots, graphs, and images. You should not include a share in your article if credible sources do not support it.


Our viewers expect something of value from every piece you write for us. There needs to be a clear purpose for your content to be helpful. Our goal is to inform our readers of the newest developments in the business and technology worlds through well-written, accessible articles. There must be zero prejudice in any pieces and no advertising or promotion of any currency, market, or enterprise.

Promotions and Marketing

Articles should not include promotional claims or information about technology, business, or person. Your articles should always be honest and objective, including their titles, subheadings, and body copy. There is no excuse for linking to content that supports a specific business, currency, or individual. The inclusion of advertising or promotional links is severely discouraged.


Please don’t assume that everyone is as interested in technology and business as our readers are. Content-wise, it would help if you always aimed for advanced technical and business savvy in your writing. Our goal is to keep them up-to-date on developments in business and technology. Therefore, before contributing an article, please consider our audience.

Acceptance of the article

The editorial board is the only determinant of the article’s publication. The decision to approve or reject is at the exclusive discretion of our editors. Once a piece has been accepted, we shall announce our verdict with much fanfare. All decisions made by the board will be final and binding on all authors.

News writing

Check your facts using reputable sources before submitting them to us as you write the story. Although our news publication schedule is more compressed than most, we nonetheless carefully consider each level’s integrity before it goes live. Verify that there is supporting evidence for all claims made in the post, including the news stories and data used.

If you want to contribute to the quality of the content we provide to our users, please read and abide by these guidelines.

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