Elden Ring Stats Explained: Which Bosses Will Take You Down?

Twenty million+ individuals have enjoyed Elden Ring. One year after its debut, the open-world RPG Soulsborne by FromSoftware finally has its most punishing segment identified. Of course, it was Malenia. There were 329 million attempts to fight her, though how many were directly attributable to the Elden Ring legend “Let Me Solo Her” is unknown.

To celebrate the first anniversary of the 2022 GOTY, publisher Bandai Namco shared that statistic alongside a slew of others. Malenia was the most tried boss. Therefore it’s safe to assume that she was also responsible for the most failed efforts.

Elden Ring Stats Explained

However, the infographics don’t specify how often she kill*d players. After all, it’s not easy to get to her, what with all the secret passages and powerful foes standing in your way. Margit the Fallen Omen, although being the game’s first major boss battle, was the second-most-attempted boss.

It’s certainly a testament to how early he shows up that he’s challenging to deal with, especially as players are just starting to get their bearings and mature into stronger character builds. Remarkably, Malenia had reached the top rank considering that many of the 20 million gamers who purchased Elden Ring likely quit before they met her.

The most common cause of de@th was encountering hostile NPCs or enemy players. Therefore, 69% of all participants perished (excellent). The percentage of de@ths attributable to player combat was meager at 2%. The vast majority of summons served the purpose of teamwork.

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Elden Ring Stats Explained

The fact that PVP only accounts for 12% of online play in Elden Ring serves as a sobering reminder that despite its enthusiasm, it represents a tiny fraction of the game’s overall experience. Having the game’s PVE and PVP components balanced independently was an intelligent decision by From Software at the time. Lastly, Blessing of the Erdtree was the most learned incantation, while Rock Sling was the most commonly used.

As a result, many players were using essentially identical base constructions. Blessing heals you instantly, while Rock Sling does precisely what its name suggests—it significantly damages foes and temporarily stuns them. Magi have been proclaiming “Sling is King” since the game was released. They were right, and now it’s been a whole year.

We’ll see how all that stacks up against player activity in Elden Ring’s forthcoming paid DLC, Shadow of Eritrea. Even though the expansion has not yet been released, fans have spent an eternity poring over concept images for hints as to what it will contain and what mysteries it will unlock.

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