‘Stranger Things’ Theory Thinks Eleven’s Fate Has Already Been Sealed

After a stellar fourth season on Netflix this past summer, fans are eagerly awaiting the show’s conclusion in the form of a final season. Fans are already making wild assumptions about what will happen to Hawkins and their favorite characters, especially Eleven, even though season five won’t air until late 2023.

Fans Speculate That Eleven’s Fate Has Already Been Sealed

The fourth season left our heroes in a tough spot, with Max in a coma and broken limbs, the loss of Eddie so soon after his introduction, and Hawkins on fire as a result of the Upside Down leaking into town. The season’s story followed the main characters to various locations before bringing them back together for the season’s final moments. The gang is having a good time until they turn around and stare down at the post-apocalyptic Hawkins.

eleven stranger things
eleven stranger things

The fate of Eleven, the show’s closest thing to a superhero, is just one of many issues that must be resolved in the final season of Stranger Things. Eleven’s fate is intimately connected to that of the Upside Down and its monstrous residents; she has the ability to seal off entrances to the Upside Down, and Season 4 hints that she may have even crafted the parallel universe herself. Vecna sees Eleven as a threat because of her great power, and she won’t stop until she’s destroyed. The Mind Flayer’s relationship with Vecna is unclear, but both have shown to be obsessed with her. In season three, a flayed Billy tells Eleven they’ve been “building it all for you.”

These disturbing events have sparked a fan theory on Reddit that Eleven will be killed in the Upside Down before the end of the fifth season. Once she let herself into the Upside Down, she must remain there until she can seal it for good.

Time travel isn’t completely out of the question, and the Duffer Brothers have a history of using music to enhance their storytelling (recall season one and the use of “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” by The Clash). We know there will be a time jump in the show, and while most people assume that means the characters will get older, that doesn’t rule out time travel. A bittersweet ending would be if Eleven was trapped in the Upside Down and her friends continued on without her.

Some fans don’t believe the theory because they think that telling a story about time travel would be boring. Some have speculated that the time jump must be forward because all of the actors have aged to their teen years during the course of the series.

Someone on reddit pointed out that since the show was meant to be an anthology and each season was supposed to tell a different story, it’s highly unlikely that an alternate D&D scene was filmed when the actors were younger. We can’t say for sure if the theory will turn out to be true in season five, but it’s an intriguing possibility.

Stranger Things seasons one through four can all be watched on Netflix.

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