Disturbing Details Emerge In The Death of Jogger Eliza Fletcher As The Suspect Is Arraigned On Murder Charges

A body and a trash bag with what appear to be Eliza Fletcher’s running shorts were found by police during a search outside a vacant house in Memphis, Tennessee.

An amended affidavit with the alarming information was submitted in a criminal court in Shelby County on Tuesday, days after police arrested Cleotha Abston in connection with Fletcher’s abduction.

New Details Emerge In The Death of Jogger Eliza Fletcher

The 38-year-old Abston was initially accused of kidnapping and tampering with evidence. After Fletcher’s body was located, charges of first-degree murder and first-degree murder in the commission of kidnapping were added. On Tuesday, the judge who heard his arraignment on allegations of kidnapping and tampering with evidence set bail at $510,000.

Abston had another arraignment on the murder charges on Wednesday, and the court revoked his release at that time.

eliza fletcher death
eliza fletcher death

At about 7 a.m., the disappearance of Fletcher was reported to the authorities. On Friday, Richard Fletcher called the police to report that his wife had missed her 4 a.m. jog, the affidavit says.

Fletcher, a kindergarten teacher and mother of two went missing while running near the University of Memphis. According to the criminal complaint, surveillance footage showed “a black GMC Terrain passing and waiting for the victim to go by.”

According to the complaint, the man got out of the car, went up to Fletcher, and pushed her into the passenger seat. After finding Abston’s DNA on a pair of slide sandals at the site, police could identify him as the driver. Authorities said he was also in the vicinity when Fletcher was taken, thanks to his phone.

An affidavit states that a witness informed police that she observed Abston cleaning the SUV “with floor cleaner” outside his brother‘s apartment and that he “appeared to be behaving oddly.”

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